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Currency Converter is a free open source software for converting currency by the daily exchange rate. It is possible to make conversions in 35 different currencies.



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Note: This homework must be written in C using Visual Studio. You may NOT use C++ shortcuts, e.g., no iostream and you MUST declare variables at the beginning of your functions. Assignment (complete it in the following order!) Create an empty C++ project in Visual Studio. If you don't select the "empty project" box it will mess things up and you'll have to start over. 2. Add this main.c file to the project's source folder. 3. Add a new file to the project, named input.txt. Case matters! (In the


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C2C Converter (Client to CraftBukkit Converter) est un petit script qui permet de convertir rapidement ses classe du code Minecraft Client au code CraftBukkit.