Content Compiler 3 - Compile your XNA media outside Visual Studio!

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The Content Compiler helps you to compile your media files for use with XNA without using Visual Studio. After almost three years of Development, the third version of the CCompiler is nearly finished and we decided to put it up on Codeplex to "keep it alive".



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ccache — A Fast C/C++ Ccompiler Cache

ccache is a compiler cache. It speeds up recompilation by caching previous compilations and detecting when the same compilation is being done again. Supported languages are C, C++, Objective-C and Objective-C++.


An emulation of the experimental computer board 85, called ECB85, including an assembler and a c-compiler.

Intersession2011-pov - Drawing images with rotating LEDs.

This documentation is a resultant from the Microcontrollers: Electronic Projects course @ IMSA Intersession 2011. A PIC18F46K20 micro-controller is used to control the illumination of a geometry of LEDs. The LEDS are mounted to a spinning board, giving allowance for the creation of Persistence-of-Vision images. Example C firmware is available in the repository, written for the Microchip C18 LITE C-compiler. The goal of this Intersession 2011 course was to teach IMSA students everything we though

Spider Compiler

Spider Compiler parses the input of a spider programming source file and compiles it (with help of csc.exe; the C#-Compiler) to an exe-file. This project is developed in C#.

cchatd - C-compiled Chat Deamon

The porpouse of the project is to provide a web-chat with high capacity focused in CRM on-line solutions, but can also be used for huge comunities portal, ISPs, or even VirtualCafes.

Compilrun - Компил�ци� и запу�к файлов .pas .cpp .c .go из Notepad++

Проект Ñ�оздан длÑ� облегчениÑ� запуÑ�ка из под Notepad++ файлов Turbo Pascal, Borland C/C++ и Google GoРаÑ�паковать Ð�рхив КомпилÑ�торы C/C++ и Pascal в директорию c:\\compilers. Сохраните файл shortcuts.xml в директории C:\\Documents and Settings\\[userName]\\Application Data\\Notepad++ длÑ� Win7: C:\\Users\\[UserName]\\AppData\\Roaming\\Notepad++ ВмеÑ�то [UserName] вÑ�тавить имÑ

Ccompiler236 - Simple compiler of C language's subset

This is my homework for Programming Languages and Translation Methods, lectured by Klenin A.S. It compiles the little subset of C language into assembler language.