Cruise Control .NET Pre-Tested Commit Extension

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In this project i am going to extend cruise control with pre-tested commit feature. This extension protects the code base from incorrect code. All code modification are submitted into version control ONLY if all defined requirements are met.



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CCzoomr is a complete replacement for the existing CCNet web dashboard that uses the Microsoft MVC Framework.

Bzr-ccnet - Bazaar plugin for CruiseControl.NET

IntroductionBazaar plugin for CruiseControl.NET. You can use it to define a sourcecontrol task compatible with bzr. The history is parsed as with other VCS. DetailsTo use the Bazaar plugin for CruiseControl.NET, copy the ccnet.bzr.plugin.dll file into the directory that the other CruiseControl.NET DLLs are in, and add a project to your ccnet.config that uses Bazaar. See the ccnet.config.sample file for an example of which fields you should add to the project's configuration. sample: <sour

Nant2viz - A Python script for visualizing CCnet &amp; NAnt build files with Graphviz.

Overviewnant2viz is a Python script for visualizing CCnet & NAnt build files. It generates DOT files from the given CCnet config and NAnt build files, which can then be processed by Graphviz. RequirementsPython 2.5.x ElmentTree 1.3 for XPath attribute support. Graphviz to process the resulting DOT files. (Graphviz is not required by the script itself.) StatusThe feature set and command-line parameters for this tool are still under heavy development, with no guarantees of future compatibility. Fe

CCNet Jabber plugin

ccnet plugin for creating jabber publisher task. This will help in publishing the ccnet's build integration results to the concerned developers via jabber. It's developed in C#.Net 3.5 as this is the current version supported by ccnet 1.6


CCNetConfig is a GUI tool to create and maintain the ccnet configuration file for CruiseControl.NET. CCNetConfig allows you to create CruiseControl.NET configuration file by adding a new project and setting properties. CCNetConfig supports all standard configuration blocks and ca

Ccnet-s3-publisher - Publish CruiseControl.NET build results to Amazon S3 storage.

This is a publishing block for CruiseControl.NET that will upload build results to Amazon S3 storage. Using the specified artifact directory for the project, it will read in all XML files and publish them to S3. Instructions: 1. Unzip file contents into your CruiseControl.Net directory. You should see the following files: AWSSDK.dll ccnet.S3Publisher.Plugin.dll NetReflector.dll ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.Core.dll 2. Add the following to the <publishers> section of the ccnet.config file <S3Publis

CCNet Conditional Plugin

CCNet Conditional Plugin allows CCNet to perform tasks based on a set of different conditions like Build condition, status, file existence ect.

TFS TeamBuild Task for CruiseControl.NET

A plug-in for CruiseControl.NET (CCNet) that provides support for Team Foundation Server Team Build, thus providing a continuous integration solution for TFS in the familiar surroundings of CCNet.

Jamp - iTunes-Ripoff in java. in development.

This is an attempt to code an iTunes alternative, mainly because i wanted my library to be used again and because i wanted to create "more" intelligent playlists (like "genre=electronic && skips<=0.5*plays && !(1<=vote<=3)") We like help! jamp ät