CCL - Cafe Con Leche

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Cafe Con Leche (CCL) are a crossplataform library (libccl) to make programs to manage internet cafes and program that does just that using libccl.



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mkahawa is a swahili word for Cafe. mkahawa builds on the small but fast Cafe Con Leche (CCL) - the light, but ultra-fast C++ Internet Cafe Management Software for Linux and Windows. This is but a continuation of CCL development in just another form.

Unm-mpages-support - A code repository for University of New Mexico Hospital's Cerner MPages rel

MPage Support CodeThis project contains files developed by the University of New Mexico Hospitals to support Cerner MPage development Currently we have made the following files available in the zip: mpages_core.jsDocumentation: Contains the JavaScript functions normally included by the MPages META tag. This is needed when loading a page via URL in prefmaint instead of using ccl_readfile mpage

Ilead - Tools, Image Decks and Leadership Stories

CCL & iceAddis with AAiT team develop iPad, iPhone and iPod app for CCL's tool-supported leadership programs.

Ipdnetlogocode - this poject has codes i wrote in Netlogo for my ipd ressearch papaer

IPD =iterative prisoner dilemma Netlogo=

Primario - Plataforma Robotica Libre

Primario Primario es un robot de bajo costo basado en PIC adaptado al mercado Argentino con componentes que se pueden conseguir en forma local. Esta basado en 4 versiones anteriores de controladores robóticos desarrollados a partir de 2004. El soft de control es completamente libre y posee un pequeño sistema operativo envevido free para realizar control desde el puerto serie de la PC. Niveles de programación: Alto Nivel Python El sistema envevido operativo (SEP) que permite enviarle ordenes a

pajekpart facilitates the preparation of partition files (.clu) for Pajek (a network analysis tool)

What is pajekpart?pajekpart takes as its input two files: a Pajek .net file and a .cat file. The former is a standard pajek file, the latter contains information about categories to which belong the nodes listed in the former. As a result, you get a ready to use pajek partition file (.clu). Yes, no more preparing partitions by hand :-) pajekpart tries to correct on the fly some minor mistakes. For example, if a node seems not to have any category assigned, pajekpart gives a warning to stderr and

Uldunad - Ultimate Dungeon Adventure (UlDunAd)

NewsWe've moved everything over to github recently, and since then development of version 0.5 has really picked up speed. V0.5 is a complete rewrite of the code and started a few months ago. It's not really stable but the feel of the game is aiming to be a whole lot more complex and fun to play. Issue tracking and source are no longer being controlled on google code, but this page will still be used for News and Updates. Thank you for your support. Version 3UlDunAd has slowly been progressing (w

Syncdev-cerberus - Cerberus Themes Set Web Interface Addon for Synchronet Bulletin Board Software

Welcome to Cerberus Themes Setfor Synchronet Bulletin Board SystemSummarySynchronet Bulletin Board System is a Multi-Protocol BBS Server created by Rob Swindell: Synchronet has several different versions for a variety of Operating System Platforms: Cerberus Themes Set is an addon for Synchweb (sometimes also coined as "Syncweb" which is a shorthand term for the "Synchronet Web Interface") which consists of a variety of brand new i