Customer Management Information System

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Customer Management Information System (CMIS)



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Sleepless - CIS 15C Team Project

This is a project for Introduction to Data Structures in C(CIS 15C) at De Anza College that requires us to build a data processing system with each data record having a unique key and three data fields. The data records are kept track using a hash array and a binary search tree. Users of the database can add a new entry, delete an entry, search for an existing entry, list the entries in harsh table sequence, list the entries in key sequence, print the indented tree, write data to a file (stack i

Spms-imam - Student Projects Managment System

A web application that aims to manage the projects in university. The system aims to simplify the connection between the professors and the student. At the early stages, it will concern with the graduation projects. Authors: Graduated Student at CCIS college, Imam University, Saudi Arabia.

CCIS-utils - Utilities for NEU CCIS folks

Utilities for NEU CCIS folks

pitcam-viewer - iPhone Optimized Version of the CCIS CREW Pitcam

iPhone Optimized Version of the CCIS CREW Pitcam