CC.Hearts Screen Saver

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A complete screensaver that draws pretty hearts. Supports all standard screensaver functionality (preview window, options, multi-monitor). Written in C# utilizing .NET 4.0 and WPF.



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Update-engine - Software updating framework for Mac OS X

Update Engine is a flexible Mac OS X framework that can help developers keep their products up-to-date. It can update nearly any type of software, including Cocoa apps, screen savers, and preference panes. It can even update kernel extensions, regular files, and root-owned applications. Update Engine can even update multiple products just as easily as it can update one.

Clock Screen Saver for UIQ3 phones

ClockSS is a Clock ScreenSaver like application for Symbian/UIQ3 phones (eg. Sony-Ericsson M600, P990, W950)

Matrix Rain

A Matrix Rain is a classic matrix screensaver, which can capture a video from your web-camera and display video like the quot;matrix-stylequot; in real time.


Delirium is a screensaver control and configuration utility for RISC OS.

Irregular Verbs EN-RU Screensaver

Irregular Verbs EN-RU is an addon screen saver for GNOME Screensaver and Windows that provides a slideshow of English irregular verbs with Russian translation. Sources for Win32/Linux

Angels and Daemons

Angel is a screen saver that shows images available from ZeroConf network (Bonjour). Daemon is an image server that can capture whole screen image automatically.

Photo Collage Screensaver

Photo Collage Screensaver is a Windows screensaver written in .NET. It takes pictures from your computer and turns them into a beautiful collage screensaver.

Moire X

This is a clone of the classic Moire screensaver for the Mac. This clone makes the screensaver available for Mac OS X users rather than just Mac OS 9 and below as currently provided by the original Moire screensaver.


Oxidizer is a Recursive Fractal Flame render for OSX. It is designed to be compatible with the flam3 suite and the Electric Sheep screen saver allowing the user to render flames and sheep along with the interactive creation of original flames.