CC Mode

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CC Mode is a GNU Emacs and XEmacs mode for editing C and other languages with similar syntax; currently C++, Objective-C, Java, CORBAs IDL, Pike, and AWK. It is a standard package in both GNU Emacs and XEmacs.



Related Projects

Elke - portable framebuffer library

Elke is small portable frambuffer c/c++ library. Provides window events handling (keyboard, mouse), window/fullscreen mode. Utility module - primitive drawing, timer. Examples included.

Csharpmode - A mode for editing C# in emacs v22 and above

This is a mode for editing C# in emacs. It's based on cc-mode, v5.30.3 and above. Main features; font-lock and indent of C# syntax including: all c# keywords and major syntax attributes that decorate methods, classes, fields, properties enum types #if/#endif #region/#endregion instance initializers anonymous functions and methods verbatim literal strings (those that begin with @) generics automagic code-doc generation when you type three slashes. intelligent insertion of matched pairs of curly b

QRes - Windows screen mode changer

QRes provides automatic screen mode change for Windows applications. For instance, you can make QRes switch to 800 x 600 @ 256 colors as long as you run a game and switch back to your regular screen mode when it is over. Win32 app written in C/C++.

Cookcc - Lexer and Parser Generator

CookCC is a lexer and parser (LALR (1)) generator project, combined. It is written in Java, but the target languages can vary. CookCC comes with two unique features, which were the original motivations for this work. CookCC uses a unique approach of storing and loading DFA tables in Java that significantly reduces the starting up time. Many efforts have been made to maximize the generated Java lexer and parser performances, painstakingly line-by-line, case-by-case fine turning the lexer and pars

Headerfile-free-cyclomatic-complexity-analyzer - A cycolomatic complexity analyzer for C/C++ that do

This tool will calculate the cycolomatic complexity of C/C++/Objective C code without caring about header files and preprocessors. So the tool is actually calculating how complex the code 'looks' rather than how complex the code 'is'. People will need this tool because it's often very hard to get all the include folders and files right with a similar tool, but we don't really need that kind of accuracy when come to cyclomatic complexity. Usage: python [options] [PATH or FILE] [PATH] ...

Gtkvnstat - a GTK frontend to vnstat

Based on Qvnstat 0.1 originaly written in 2008 by Diamantis Dimitris. All the ui code is rewritten from scratch in GTK, the code altered from script to OOP and many modifications have been made to conform with the recent vnstat version (1.10) either using the daemon mode or not. I've used glade3, pyGTK and jeany editor. The app is an indicator app that sits on gnome panel and make use of gnome's notification system to show the network traffic info, the free remaining data and the cost. ATTENTION

cfix: unit testing framework for C/C++

cfix is a xUnit unit testing framework for C and C++, specialized for Win32 and NT kernel mode. The aim of the framework is to make the development of test suites as easy as possible while fully exploiting the services provided by Windows.


Scorm2CC is a utility for converting packages of e-learning content from the ADL SCORM Package Interchange File (PIF) format to the IMS Common Cartridge format. Scorm2CC operates in a batch mode: all SCORM PIF files within a given directory are converted. Scorm2CC works with...

Glui2 - A light-weight minimalistic OpenGL C++ graphical user Interface library

DescriptionGlui2, an OpenGL User Interface Library, is a light-weight feature-rich stand-alone Graphical User Interface (GUI) for OpenGL and GLUT applications. Written in C/C++, it is clean to use, easy to extend, well documented, and supports Linux, Windows, and OSX, as well as is very small! (Only 7.5k lines of code!) Glui2, based on the original GLUI library by Paul Rademacher, is a full re-write from scratch based on a similar minimalistic design. This project uses similar methods and progra

Visual C++ mode for (X)Emacs

vcpp-mode is a mode for (X)Emacs to edit Visual C++ files. It is based on cc-mode and has font-locking for IDE generated Macros, common Visual C++ types, prefixed member-variables (m_*), class names, abbreviations for common used words etc.