Cruisecontrol Config and Monitor Tool

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A rich client application for configuring and monitoring Cruisecontrol server(s).



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Rstack - Provides a gem library generator and helpful rake tasks

RStack uses rspec instead of test/unit and integrates with CruiseControl.rb. This is really, really basic. More features will be added as required. Usagerstack fooGenerated Rakefilerequire 'rubygems'require 'rstack'require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'lib', 'foo', 'version') do |config| = 'foo' config.summary = '[ENTER A SUMMARY]' = 'jeremy burks' = '[ENTER YOUR EMAIL]' config.url = '[ENTER A PROJECT URL]' config.version = Foo

Bzr-ccnet - Bazaar plugin for CruiseControl.NET

IntroductionBazaar plugin for CruiseControl.NET. You can use it to define a sourcecontrol task compatible with bzr. The history is parsed as with other VCS. DetailsTo use the Bazaar plugin for CruiseControl.NET, copy the ccnet.bzr.plugin.dll file into the directory that the other CruiseControl.NET DLLs are in, and add a project to your ccnet.config that uses Bazaar. See the ccnet.config.sample file for an example of which fields you should add to the project's configuration. sample: <sour

Mypize - MySQL Plugins Sample Code and Build Files Generator

mypize Overviewmypize is MySQL Plugins Sample Code and Build Files Generator. The idea of this script comes from apxs (APache eXtenSion tool)'s template generating option. It generates a subdirectory name (see option -n) and there several files: 1. source code files *.cc *.h which can be used as a template for creating your own modules or as a quick start for playing with the mysql plugin mechanism. 2. autotools files corresponding autotools files for easier build and installing of the module. m

RPSL software build tools

RPSL is a set of bash scripts that integrate the GNU autotools and pkg-config for c/c++ build management. The scripts set up a basic tree and when commanded, scan for new source files and update the's and

Curl-probe - PHP tool to check HTTP URLs for errors and notify by mail, Twitter and XMPP

I needed a litte tool that checks HTTP URLs for a defined string on a regular base. If an error occurs, predefined persons will be notified by email. Since nothing like that existed I hacked it on my own. Furthermore I just added Twitter support which means you now can have your servers monitored via Twitter! The code is quite old so please don't bug me for the bad progamming style. It can surely be improved and that's why I publish it here :-) I also recently added Jabber/XMPP support which mea

Gibbler - Git-like hashes and history for Ruby objects

Gibbler - v0.7 ALPHAGit-like hashes and history for Ruby objects for Ruby 1.8, 1.9 and JRuby. Check out the screencast created by Alex Peuchert. Important Information Regarding Your DigestsDigest calculation changed in the 0.7 release for Proc objects. See "News" below for more info. Example 1 -- Basic Usage require 'gibbler' "kimmy".gibbler # => c8027100ecc54945ab15ddac529230e38b1ba6a1 :kimmy.gibbler # => 52be7494a602d85ff5d8a8ab4ffe7f1b171587df config = {} config.gibbler # => 4fdcadc66a38feb9c

Vpos4php - VirtualPos Library for PHP

PHP için Sanal Pos KütüphanesiDahius tarafından özgür yazılım dünyasına kazandırılmayı hedeflenen bir projedir. VirtualPos kütüphanesi Türkiye'deki bankalar için adapter sağlar. İstenirse diğer ülkeler için de kolayca adapte edilebilir. Kurulum için; # pear channel-discover pear install Dahius/VirtualPos-betaKullanım örneği; <?php session_start(); require_once "Dahius/VirtualPos/Loader.php"; // !!! GÜVENLİK UYARISI !!! // CONFIG.YML dosyanızı web ü

Chunzhenshmphp - 使用纯真IP数�库解�PHP的扩展

使用纯真IPæ•°æ�®åº“解æž�PHP的扩展,使用C++编写,支æŒ�Windows + Apache2.2 + PHP5(ZTS)ã€�支æŒ�Linux + Nginx + PHP5(FastCGI)。 本扩展在扩展åˆ�始化阶段 ,会将 纯真IP æ•°æ�®åº“的字典通过MMAP映射到内存中。因此,当你更新了数æ�®åº“字典之å�Žï¼Œå¿…é¡»é‡�å�¯fpm(Apache + PHP 则需è¦�é‡�å�¯Apache)。 项目文件为 Visual Studio 2008 的,Windows下å�¯ä»¥ç›´æŽ¥ç¼–译。 对于Linux,则需è¦�指定编译器为 g++。 ä½ å�¯ä»¥ä½¿ç”¨å¦‚下方å¼�指å®

Freshdox - Lets you ensure code samples in documentation are up-to-date

The primary purpose of this project is to ensure code samples in documentation are up-to-date. This project is typically only useful for software libraries, rather than stand alone applications. For instance, the Jakarta Commons components documentation contains code samples. By marking these samples up in simple XML tags, freshdox can be run against your documentation to ensure the code samples are working correctly. Tests can be embedded in documents using XML tags, with a default style sheet

Treeconf - C语言树型�置文件/C Language Library to Read &quot;Pythonic&quot; Configuration F

类Python语法C�置库�置信�必须是树型结构的, 这是本项目的出�点. 但显然, 使用XML, JSON或者Lua/Python脚本语言, 都是没有必�的. 本项目开�的�置文件, 通过TAB缩进�表示树型关系. 看起�有点�Python的��. ��很简�, 代���多, 希望对你有帮助. Configurations should be in the form of tree, that's what I started from. In many cases, XML/JSON, even script languages like Lua/Python are not necessary. This projec