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cb0t 3 project.




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Permm - Python Environment for Reaction Mechanisms/Mathematics provides dynamic analysis tools for e

Welcome to PERMMPERMM is a Python-based Environment for Reaction Mechanisms/Mathematics. Simply put, PERMM helps you detangle the complex relationships in reaction mechanisms. Reaction mechanisms, as shown in our logo, often have complex and recursive relationships that when combined with 4-dimensional rate data... can get frizzy. PERMM starts with a reaction mechanism, applies n-dimensional rate data, and then provides an interface for chemical analysis. PERMM lets you: define chemical species

Libxbee - C library to aid the use of Digi XBee radios in API mode

Feel free to ask questions! Either email, or I'm often in #libxbee on irc.freenode.net... News14 April 2012: A few people have asked for Windows support, so I got to work. I am pleased to announce that the Win32 port effort is nearly complete. Basic functionality has been tested, and currently only the 'xbee1' and 'xbee2' modes are supported. Have a look at the win32 branch. 08 March 2012: All versions of libxbee v3 since v3.0.5 (3c3b0204435e) will use API mode 1. This is a compile time option,

Posetbasedrecommender - A recommender that focuses on relative preferences

A recommender made in Java that uses a partially ordered set of preferences rather than stars, thumbs ups, etc. Current Under-specified GoalsItems and users will be in many different multi-dimensional spaces. Each space will correspond to a property. The distance between an item and a person will be meaningless on its own, but the distance compared to other distances from the same user indicate relative strength of the property in the item as the user sees it. So if A is closer to me in the X sp

Gibbler - Git-like hashes and history for Ruby objects

Gibbler - v0.7 ALPHAGit-like hashes and history for Ruby objects for Ruby 1.8, 1.9 and JRuby. Check out the screencast created by Alex Peuchert. Important Information Regarding Your DigestsDigest calculation changed in the 0.7 release for Proc objects. See "News" below for more info. Example 1 -- Basic Usage require 'gibbler' "kimmy".gibbler # => c8027100ecc54945ab15ddac529230e38b1ba6a1 :kimmy.gibbler # => 52be7494a602d85ff5d8a8ab4ffe7f1b171587df config = {} config.gibbler # => 4fdcadc66a38feb9c

Pyudd - a python module to manage OllyDbg .UDD files

PyUdd is a python module to manage (read/write) OllyDbg .UDD files. .UDD is the file format that OllyDbg uses to store information, like analysis, breakpoints, comments... It's automatically generated whenever you open a file in OllyDbg. a simple script (uddtool) is included, for easy access to standard uses: export comments, labels, MRUs... from a .UDD (ex: you spent a long time on the same executable in OllyDbg, and you want to backup the information you entered) imports comments and labels (e

sshxcute is a framework designed to let engineers to use Java call to execute command/script on remo

sshxcute Guideline1. OverviewAs its name indicates, SSHXCUTE is a framework. It was designed to let engineers to use Java call to execute command/script on remote Linux/UNIX system through SSH connection way, which make software testing or system deployment easier and specifically to make it easier to automate software testing and system environment deployment. SSHXCUTE was designed with the following points in mind: Minimum machine requirements – Only use SSH protocol to connect. Easily useab

Netflexity-amazonws-simpledb-orm - Amazon SimpleDB Java ORM framework for Hibernate developers

Another ORM for SimpleDB?This is a simple java-based object-relational mapping (ORM) framework, targeting people who used to develop against Hibernate ORM. Knowledge of Hibernate is not required, but will definitely help. What is wrong with simplejpa? Nothing wrong, it is a great project and please check it out. I am not a fan of JPA and my goal was to make this as light as possible with as less dependencies as possible. This framework is not perfect. Frankly, I would prefer to have SimpleDB jdb


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Blog-page-navigator - page navigator

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Joomla-master-htaccess - temporary home for joomla master .htaccess file code updates

Joomla master .htaccess fileVersion 2.3 codeBased on the version 2.3 code originally found at: http://snipt.net/nikosdion/the-master-htaccess/ and now listed at: http://docs.joomla.org/Htaccess_examples_%28security%29?oldid=35925 and at: r2. The original 2.3 file contains a number of syntax errors, several rules that can never work, and a number of expressions that can be more efficiently coded. DiscussionsDiscussion about proposed 2.4.1 code changesBugs and enhancements originally discussed at: