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*This project is no long hosted on SourceForge and is out of date* Please get the latest build from:



Related Projects

Xylic-engine - 3rd generating Cube engine

Xylic aims to be the 3rd version of the Cube engine. It aims to provide new features, but mainly to rewrite the code to fit modern standards and use preexisting libraries for functionality. Currently planned libraries to use: OGRE for rendering Bullet for physics MyGUI for GUI cAudio for audio ENet for networking OIS for input Status: Planning

Xynilex - a modern open source game written in c++

Xynilex hopes to bring a modern game to the open source world. With Ogre 3D rendering, Bullet physics, and MyGUI GUI system, Xynilex will have plenty of upstream power to create a complete, high quality game.