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Sample car-drive-and-shoot python network game.



Related Projects

Quercus - Java implementation of PHP

Quercus is Caucho Technology's 100% Java implementation of PHP 5. Quercus comes with many PHP modules and extensions like PDF, PDO, MySQL, and JSON. Quercus allows for tight integration of Java services with PHP scripts, so using PHP with JMS or Grails is a quick and painless endeavor. With Quercus, PHP applications automatically take advantage of Java application server features just as connection pooling and clustered sessions.

Activedirectoryauthenticator - A drop in Authenticator for the Open Source version of Caucho's R

The default JNDI Authenticator is not sufficient for more advanced operations required for a secure webapp, including the obtaining of web-app roles.

Semanticsearch - Semantic Search - Faceted Search for the Semantic Web

A standalone or app container enabled interface and API for building customized faceted search browsing of Semantic Web data. Written in javascript, PHP, and Java, with PHP being executed in's Quercus. Originally a Drupal module.

hessdroid - android hessian library

hessdroid - android hessian libraryhessdroid is an Android port of the Java hessian library provided by Caucho (0). it is supposed to be very light-weight, even lighter as the original Java lib since it doesn't contain most of the server-side classes and JEE related stuff (servlets, JNDI, etc.). hessdroid is built on top of standard JDK classes found in Android - without further dependencies to third-party libraries. hessian is a binary web service protocol. among other design goals it was desig

Cotton - Binary Serialization

Cotton began life as an implementation of the Hessian protocol in Erlang. The Cotton library is changing focus to implement a proposed new version of the protocol which is designed to reduce the wire size of Hessian encodings. The 0.3.x series of Cotton implements the proposed extension. There is also an implementation of the protocol extension in AS3 for usage Flex/Flash applications. The 0.2.x series implements version 2.0 of Hessian and is compatible with version 3.1.3 of the Caucho Java impl

Hessianphp - Hessian protocol library for PHP 5

HessianPHP 2 is a library that implements the Hessian binary web services protocol for PHP 5. The Hessian Protocol "The Hessian binary web service protocol makes web services usable without requiring a large framework, and without learning yet another alphabet soup of protocols. Because it is a binary protocol, it is well-suited to sending binary data without any need to extend the protocol with attachments." (from Caucho web site) Hessian was created by Caucho Technology in the Java programming

Lworm - Lightweight Object Relational Mapping tool for PHP

lworm is a lightweight ORM (Object Relational Mapping) tool for PHP, supporting Google App Engine Datastore and simple SQL architectures. Generating modelsFirstly, you need to define the entity structure in YAML format. User: fields: name: text password: text active: boolean relations: many-to-many: roles: Role(user_roles) many-to-one: group: GroupRole: fields: name: text relations: many-to-many: users: User(user_roles)Group: fields: name: text relations: one-to-many: users: User(group)Every ent

Nginx-hmux-module - the module implements resin's hmux protocol in nginx

Name nginx_hmux_module - support hmux protocol proxy with NginxDescription With this module, Nginx can connect to Resin through hmux protocol directly. The backend connections are keepalive. The motivation of writing this module is Nginx's high performance and robustness.Attension 1)it is tested in linux only 2)it's for resin 3.0 or above 3)it's for nginx 0.7.* or above and won't work with nginx 0.6.*. 4)you can use tcpcopy( to test this module 5)if you have any

hessian - Fork of caucho hessian library

Fork of caucho hessian library


Caucho Quercus is a implementation of the PHP Scripting Language for the JVM