Allcode 'Catwalk' for SuperWikia Alpha

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The Allcode 'Catwalk' is a pre-implementation toolkit for SuperWikia Alpha tip drills and asanas to parse organized and or executable (O/E) code. It also conducts breadth inspections across one or more Alpha shells while searching for code violations



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Catwalk-model-processor - Java annotation processor for generating derived domain models

Catwalk is a Java annotation processor for Java 6 which allows for automatic generation of derived domain models. It is useful, for example in web applications which need a domain model for interacting with the persistence layer and a subset domain model which is used in the presentation layer.

libnltrack is a usefull library written in C to open, create, modify and save a Nolimits Roller Coas

What is libnltrack?LNT (libnltrack) is a usefull library written in C to open, create, modify and save a Nolimits Roller Coaster Track File. This Library contains many functions to add, modify, delete track parts, like supports, segments, track nodes, coaster types, beziers and many more. One day we have talked about the SDK we miss for NoLimits to develop easy 3rd party tools for NoLimits. However, for many programmers, it is troublesome to deal with the nltrack file and type. We thought we wou

Dbsprockets - A pythonic way to generate widgets from database definition.

DBSprocketsThe goal of DBSprockets is to give the developer the power to simply generate web content from available database definitions. Because DBSprockets relies heavily on Toscawidgets, it is framework-independent. It is easy to implement forms on TG, TG2, Pylons, Zope, and Grok using DBSprockets' primitives. DBSprockets is mainly supporting SQLAlchemy, so any application you have that uses SQLAlchemy will be well supported. Support for other ORMs will be available in the future. Every compo

catwalk - ??????????????


ngCatwalk - Catwalk.js Angularised.

Catwalk.js Angularised.


Putting the M in MVC.


A presentation wrapper for your models

catwalk.js - Spiking models, collections and emitters in JavaScript

Spiking models, collections and emitters in JavaScript


Intuitive and fast relational CRUD interface for modelling relationships using vanilla objects written in ES6.