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The math category theory software with diagram graphical user interface.



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Lemyriapode - Projects in Java language (Physic, Math., Game)

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Sql-category-theory - SQL to Category Theory visualizer

This simple piece of software visualize SQL-based schemas and queries in a format based on Category Theory. The theory behind this is due to David Spivak and Carlo Curino. More details at:

Monad-tutorial - The Answer To The Ultimate Question of Monads, Programming and Everything

A tutorial essay on the monad concept. What does the word monad mean? The reader will have a concrete understanding of the concept that the term monad denotes. The reader will be able to confidentally use the term in discussion and recognise episodes where the term is being used improperly. What does the word monad not mean? This essay will address many of the popular misunderstandings around the term monad. Readers will be equipped to determine if they are observing an incident of misappropriat

Gene-centered-ecosystem-framework-gp - An Ecosystem Approach To GP

OCamL, Genetic Programming (news: currently porting to F# for easier GUI production) Abstraction-Based Genetic Programming (ABGP)ABGP is a genetic programming system in which the genotype search space is partitioned by the proofs to which each program is linked to via the Curry-Howard isomorphism. The proofs act as species for organsims by specifying a pattern in which typed genes can be plugged in. Organisms are arrangements of gene as specified by the species to which they belong. Each gene is

category-theory - Natural transformations in Haskell

Natural transformations in Haskell

category-theory - Personal study in Haskell and category theory

Personal study in Haskell and category theory