CatBot -- A PHP-based chatterbot

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CatBot is a simple, HTML/PHP/MySQL based chatterbot that's easy to set up and use. He comes equipped with a few commands, as well as a basic quot;learningquot; ability. With some moderate tweaking, he could make a very nice browser-based helpdesk assistant.



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Ikeo-catbot - Dynamic structural link between Robot and CATIA.

CatBot is the result of on-going research by Ian Keough of Buro Happold and David Benjamin of The Living into multi-objective structural analysis using CATIA, Autodesk Robot, and modeFrontier. CatBot transfers CATIA geometry to Robot conducts a structural analysis and returns a text file containing the analysis results. Linked with Esteco's modeFrontier, CatBot can be used for multi-objective structural analysis.


CatBot is a proposed open source system for easy distribution of large files using peer-to-peer technology. CatBot is also known as the South West Creative Archive (SWCA).

Aiml-en-us-ovrp-infotabby - Ohio Virtual Reference Project infoTabby AIML

infoTabby, the Public Library ChatbotinfoTabby is an AIML based virtual agent designed for libraries. She was created to provided immediate information about the library and to answer light reference questions. infoTabby is an offspring of David Newyear's "Emma the Catbot." Emma has been helping patrons on the Mentor Public Library's website since 2009 and won the 2011 Polaris Innovation in Technology John Iliff Award. Libraries are welcome to participate in the development and improvement of th


this is a catbot


Github mirror of "pywikibot/bots/catbot" - our actual code is hosted with Gerrit (please see for contributing

catbot - IRC bot that can be fed things via the command line

IRC bot that can be fed things via the command line

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Remote controlled cat laser built with Arduino, Johnny-Five, Node.js and jQuery at JSConf 2013 NodeBots. Demo: