Catalyst \\ Intelligent Business Objects

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Catalyst is an SOA toolkit designed to facilitate fast and simple development of a powerful business object layer using the SubSonic framework.



Related Projects


SNMP::Info - Provides a Perl-5 object oriented interface to information obtained through SNMP. Specialty sub-classes exist for a number of network devices and common MIBs such as SNMP::Info::Layer2::Catalyst and SNMP::Info::CDP.

Cpdsp - Catalyst::Plugin::DBIC::Schema::Profiler

Profile time query took with DBIC::Schema in your Catalyst application.

Perl-catalyst-model-textlinkads - Catalyst::Model::TextLinkAds - Catalyst model for Text Link Ads

This is a Catalyst model class that fetches advertiser information for a given Text Link Ads publisher account. See

Catalyst-server-jsonrpc - Catalyst::Plugin::Server::JSONRPC

JSONRPC Plugin for Catalyst which we tried to make compatible with the way Catalyst works with URLS. Main features are: Split JSONRPC methodNames by STRING to find out Controller. Single entrypoint for JSONRPC calls, like http://host.tld/rpc DispatchTypes (attributes) which work much the same as Catalyst attrs JSONRPC Parameter handling transparent to Catalyst parameter handling Based on awesome Catalyst::Plugin::Server::XMLRPC module