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Cat-photo makes administration and web pages with photos easy.



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Python-tweetphoto - A library that provides a python interface to upload pictures to TweetPhoto Web

A simple python library to upload photos to the TweetPhoto WebService using its API. It's also possible to upload photos to Twitter using the TweetPhoto API. Added the PyS60 library for Symbian S60 Phones support ( Version 0.2: Added support to JSON protocol + new advanced functions Version 0.1: Initial Release To upload a photo (if you're a developer) it's necessary to request an API key to TweetPhoto WebService. See how here: TweetPhoto Developer Program UsageTo install the Py

Catz - The world's most advanced cat show photo engine

Catz is the web application engine that runs, the world's most advanced cat show photo service. Developing Catz is a non-paid hobby. It is targeted only to one specific use in one application area and to run one site, Catz is not a general-purpose software. The project is provided as open source because it is an example of a Perl web application using Mojolicious MVC framework maybe somebody learns something by checking the code out sharing the source code should encourage m

Fivecardflickr - A PHP/MySQL Web Site for Telling Stories with Photos from Flickr

5 Card Flickr 1.5 is released! It has been heavily recoded, simplified, and now uses flickr API to fetch photos- see it in action at It is modeled, or even conceptually copied, from Five Card Nancy game ( devised by comics guru Scott McCloud and the nifty web version at 741.5 Comics ( In the Nancy game players are dealt cards made from separate panels from the Ernie Bushmiller ca

Gchecky - Python wrapper library for Google Checkout Level 2 Integration XML API.

gcheckyGchecky is a library written in python for using Google Checkout Level 2 Integration XML API. It makes it easy to integrate your order processing system with Google Checkout and ensure that all the interactions with checkout servers are automatically validated, converted from python values to XML (and back) and checked for errors - all that is done by gchecky underneath. With gchecky an order creation is as easy as writing: gchecky.model import *cart = controller.prepare_order( order = ch

catshakr. a photo gallery? a game? what is it?

Initially this will be an image gallery from the popular cat website 'can i haz cheezburger'. I am currently developing a concept game to supplement this image gallery. More details to come...

Python-thirtyboxes - a Python binding to the API is a nice web calendaring app with a simple web API. provides a Python module binding to this web API and a command-line interface (the latter mostly useful for feeling out the API). Project statusWhen I initially wrote this module (back in 2006) the coverage of the 30boxes API was complete. Since then I have not followed changes to the API, so I suspect that its coverage is not complete. I am not currently working on extending, however I am happy to rec

Fbcdngen - Facebook Content Delivery Network URL generator

fbcdngen is a simple tool that generates Facebook CDN image URLs. (Previously, fbcdngen was a PoC in Bash; now written in C.) For more information about the "hack", see: New Facebook Photo Hacks by Joseph Bonneau. Requirements: ANSI C compiler Coming soon: Benchmarks. new Example: Given the real URL of a photo uploaded to Facebook, e.g.: it is trivial to generate a list of all (past and future) photos possibly uploaded

Skytraq-datalogger - configuration and download tool for GPS data loggers based on Skytraq Venus 5 a

Recently I bought a Skytraq DL-65 bluetooth GPS data logger (55 Euro). The provided software to read tracks from the device is a Windows program the "GPS Photo Tagger" from iTravel-Tech. But since I do not use Windows I needed a software for Linux to download track and configure the device. When you connect the data logger via USB you can see that it uses a PL2303 USB-serial converter. Without any further software you can dump the NMEA data stream: cat /dev/ttyUSB0. My device contains a SkyTraq

Asirra-php - POST-intercepting Asirra HIP/CAPTCHA in PHP

Asirra is a human interactive proof (HIP/CAPTCHA) that asks users to identify photos of cats and dogs. This class intercepts POST requests, stores them in a session and asks for an Asirra CAPTCHA test. If successful, the POST action is resumed. Success is stored in a Cookie to enable further webpage usage without being harassed by CAPTCHAs all the time. (Logo by d90conny with Creative Commons License by-nd http://cr

Nonplus - A chrome extension to automute Google Plus Posts by hashtag.

The Problem: Your Stream is hit-and-miss. You circled +Vic for his insightful commentary plusts; yet you hate his taste in music. You circled +Ana for her amusing cat photos; yet her occasional plusts in Russian, while undoubtedly interesting, you are too ignorant to understand. The Long-term Solution: Google should add public "interest-based" circles and allow people to opt themselves in and out of them. The Short-term Workaround: I've been hacking on a little Chrome extension which I call "non