Castle Game Engine

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Cross-platform 3D game engine in Object Pascal. Extensible system of 3D objects, with out-of-the-box levels, items, intelligent creatures and more. Rendering and processing of 3D models in X3D, VRML, Collada and other formats. Latest graphic effects including shadows, shaders, mirrors, screen effects. Animation, collision detection, 3D sound. Also home of view3dscene - our full-featured VRML/X3D browser. And also home of various games developed using the engine, like quot;The Castlequot;.



Related Projects


XreaL is a heavily improved Quake 3 Arena engine. It's bundled with new tools and a demo game that was never finished. ET:XreaL is a subproject bringing all XreaL enhancements to Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

Mr-blogengine - A blog engine developed with the Castle stack

A blog engine created as part of a series of blog posts highlighting incremental and test driven development using the Castle stack.

Spark View Engine

Spark is a view engine for ASP.NET MVC and Castle Project MonoRail frameworks. The idea is to allow the html to dominate the flow and any code to fit seamlessly.


A code generator application that makes use of the NVelocity template engine to generate code/scripts from a database. Initially developed to fill the gap left by the lack of Castle ActiveRecord generators/templates.

Jgcloud - Open source Java game

jgcloud will be a team of people that will create an open source game written in Java, using the JMonkeyEngine. The models, characters etc will be created in Blender (2.49b). I've currently done a fair bit of work on getting models imported from Blender, general collision and movement. Excuse the simplicity of the Castle below, but I wanted to show where I was so far!

Tribality - Group blog engine in ASP.NET MVC

A scoop-like blog using ASP.NET MVC, NHibernate and Castle Windsor. In order to install: Download Source Code Change hibernate.cfg.xml to point to your database (SQL Server, MySQL) run the unit test LoadData to create the schema and some sample data as you'll see in LoadData, you can log in with u: Soundwave p:Password

Cs2project - CS2 is an academic source code search engine written in C#.

CS2 stands for C# Code Search. It's an academic project developed for the course of Information Retrieval at Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy. It's written in C# for the .NET framework and built on top of several open source projects: Lucene.Net search engine CastleProject IoC container CSParser for parsing PowerCollections for collections not implemeneted in the .NET framework ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit for user interface enhancements It is capable of indexing source code files (a

Genx-rpg - Generation X - Role Playing Game

An engine for building (and playing) Role Playing Games that harkens back to the old school style popular in the late 80s, early 90s using game play ideas from popular games of the time such as Ultima, Final Fantasy (1 - 3), Warcraft (1 & 2), Diablo (1 & 2), Bardstale (1 - 3), Wizardry, Pool of Radiance, Exile - escape from the Pit, Castle of the Winds, etc.

Mastercontrol - Tool for managing multiple backlogs in Pivotal Labs' Pivotal Tracker

MasterControl was created by Castle Rock Research Corp. It is written in python using the Google App Engine python API that allows Pivotal Tracker to integrate with itself. This project takes advantage of Google App Engine's free hosting. Our usage with one master and 4-6 team backlogs has remained at around 1% of our allowed usage limits. MasterControl basically allows for a master backlog from which several teams can pull. Stories pulled from the master backlog to a team backlog get tagged to

X-ray-cms - A web site framework and content management system written in C# that runs under ASP.NET

project purpose: Build a rapid, flexible and convenient content manage system,main including articles, bulletin board ,the voting modules. Full use of the existing open-source development projects, like mojoportal. In keeping with China style content management habits. Summarization: A web site framework and content management system written in C# that runs under ASP.NET on Windows,people can use this to development the website rapidly. Based on Castle monoRails mvc framework .Access database