CASK - Club Augmented Starter Kit

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This is an updated version of the Club Starter Kit 2.0 Final. Like the original this is being developed in VB.NET. Microsoft created an excellent starter kit, the Club Starter Kit for individual clubs to host a variety of content.



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a friendly homebrew-style CLI workflow for the administration of Mac applications distributed as binaries

Strd6 - A collection of projects in development by STRd6

ProjectsDungeonFarmerv0.1.0 Released 2008-09-19 Source Windows .exe Cask of AmontilladoExperience the horror of the catacombs, from the command line. v0.0.2 Get it!

Csaba - Multi-bank Enabled Internet Banking Client

This is a extensible platform for internet banking. This is a client framework to collect information from different banks and show them summarized to the owner of the accounts. The platform lets the developers to create bank specific connectors mostly based on "screen scraping" technique. Besides that other useful plugins may be developed. The product is in its infants. This is designed for Hungarian Internet Banking market currently, but internationalization is considered in the design. That's

Jinpeng - Nginx Plugin of BitCask

The plugin is for app who use Nginx as upload&download server. When update file to Nginx server, server write binary into a block file, create a mix id which containers the md5 of file, block id, offset and file size. Use the mix id to download file, the mix id will be resolve to md5, block id, offset and size. Nginx will merges small block to big block regularly, and we will have a link file log the block mapping information, nginx will load the mapping into memory.

homebrew-cask-cookbook - Cookbook to install homebrew-cask and an lwrp for using cask.

Cookbook to install homebrew-cask and an lwrp for using cask.

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Checks the installability of Homebrew-Casks

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Some custom brew casks for apps I use