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cashbook is a general purpose php/mysql balancing application that makes it easy to balance your checkbook, keep track of expenses, credit card statements and other home or small business uses



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CashBook stable release Ver 01.00.00 release 3 Sep 2012. Collect basic information on cashflow in and out of your organisation for your bookkeeper.

Cashbookonrails - Personal financial application built in Ruby on Rails

cashbook1.0 is a personal financial application, helping anyone to manage (in a simple way) his money, from whom the must receive money and for whom he own money :) Obaaaaaaa

Filecruncher - Excel Visual Basic Macros to Crunch Files for Use in Systems Implementation etc

Visual Basic macros to crunch files. Could be very useful in financial systems implementation. The "cruncher" macro was used in an Agresso World ERP implementation. It was used to crunch 100s of separate bank statement downloads into one file. This one file was then sorted and coded and then made into a BIF. It was then uploaded into the Agresso cashbook.

Etoms - electronic Treasury Operations Management System (Philippines)

An eLGU solution forTreasury Operations Management for Philippine LGUsPart of the eLGU-eGOV set of packages developed by NCC for Local Government Units (LGU), e.g. municipalities. Other eLGU packages are eBPLS (Business Permits & Licensing) and eRPTS (Real Property Tax). eTOMS is a web-based, SMS and ePayment ready, internet/intranet capable system. It is designed to improve the efficiency of local government treasury operations, particularly in collections, disbursements, cashbook/fund balance/

Bifbotkaxml - Takes Any XML File and Integrates It into Agresso Business World (ABW)

Bifbotka XML is an Active Scaffold Ruby on Rails web application that takes an XML file, extracts transactions, allows user to modify transactions and then outputs Agresso Business World friendly file such as BIF or Excel CSV file. It is based on the highly successful Propmansheet web application and original bifBOTka application. This example is used to post returned direct debit payments to the Agresso cashbook. Modify and make new applications to post different types of items. [ screen print

Extbill - Extended Billing Solution

An Billing Solution with multiple Features. Features Planed: - Trouble Ticket System with Departments+Email Pull for Department Emails - Contract Managment - Billing (Recuring, Standart) - Offer - estimate of costs - Control of Server XML Interface (used in vpsadmin From the Vanager Company) or others (own Systems integration by drivers) - Integration of XML Domain Interface - Support/Integration for Confixx, ISPCP (also VHCS) other Systems with Plugins - cashbook - Todo/Jobs - Intranet for Staf

cashbook - an simple app of cashbook

an simple app of cashbook

django-cashbook - standalone django cashbook project

standalone django cashbook project


A simple cashbook application written in C#.NET.