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A J2ME MIDLET that keeps track of expenses. Supports COM ports (Irda, USB, etc.) of your mobile to sync with your coumputer (OTA/GPRS is on the way). The export format is QIF, so you will be able to sync with GnuCash or any other QIF capable Software.



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Gestor financeiro pessoal para mobile

Wxpos - Python cross platform point of sale software

Cross platform pos software with support for barcode readers, receipt printer(not yet) and cash drawer control(not yet also). Designed for retail shops, but could be extended for restaurants in the future. FEEDBACK! FEEDBACK! FEEDBACK! Please tell me what you think about the project when/if you download it. Thanks. jadkik94 at gmail dot com. Use MySQL or SQLite as database system. Support for PostgreSQL is under work. See Database for more details. Stand-alone application dependencies: MySQL (fo

Jpeepingtomlan - Your Compact Stealth Screen Capture & Evidence Gathering Tool

It is a light weight Screen Capture Tool. ==>Install JPeepingTomLANClient on each PC in cafe or LAB ==>Install JpeepingTomLANServer on your main monitoring PC where u sit at say cash counter of internet cafe or Main Server at some LAB Plz do not change your decision of selecting this PC later. All you have to do is to Register with me. Activation is done on Server Machine basis. Next After Registration & Activation, you get screenshots of each client PC saved / dumped on server You can also choo

My-bill-buddy - An easy payment tracker for friends and groups via just cellphone

An applet that will keep track of the payments in a group and notify everyone about the payment details. This project is being developed as a course project for Software Engineering(CSE 300) course at IIIT-Delhi, India for the monsoon semester 2011. DescriptionUsually we have coffee or food in a group, and only one or two people pay. Others pay them back later. This happens all the time and is "kinda complicated". We intend to develop an applet for IIIT-D which will enable instant, cashless, sim

Xna-3d-space-rpg - Simple space RPG game using XNA framework

This project began as a simple 3D model loader and has evolved into a basic space engine. It is 3D in that game assets are all 3D models in a 3D environment. However, as of this posting, movement and interaction happens in two-dimensions so the game is actually "2.5D." The goal of the project is to create a single-player space RPG for windows that can be easily ported to the Xbox360 later. The player will pilot a ship around the universe picking up randomly generated quests at space stations. Th

Outflow - A Personal Expense Management Application

Out Flow is a personal expense management application for tracking Credit Card Payments, Cash Payments, Fuel Expenses and all the payments that you make in your daily routine. Out Flow can summarize your payments in different perspectives and show you the outline of your expenses. Technologies Used: .NET Framework 2.0 NHibernate 2.0 Storage Layer: MS Access Database This Database Management System has been used to make the application simple and portable, it is subject to change. Presentation La

Mobilecurrencyconverter - Mobile Currency Converter

Mobile Currency Converterby Shanbo & Sike IntroductionMobile currency converter is a Java ME currency converter. It fetches the latest currency exchange rate from Google Finance. For supported currency, see Supported Currency InstallDownload the latest jar file and install it into your mobile phone. System RequireMIDP 2.0 CLDC 1.1 NoteThe mobile currency converter itself is free. But it will retrieve information from Google Finance. So there will be internet data flow during you use this applica

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If you want all the main information on tehnoobshow come here! Thanks Evidence1: [2:45:25 PM] Jagg3d. added Edit [2:45:31 PM] Samoth: lol? [2:45:45 PM] cam: here we go... lol [2:45:49 PM] Jagg3d.: HEY BEN [2:45:55 PM] Jagg3d.: WHAT'S UP BABE [2:45:57 PM] Jagg3d.: <33333 [2:45:58 PM] Edit: Kk, so cam's directive is to backstab my friends up into little ice chunks. [2:46:08 PM] Edit: Get them to suck his dick. [2:46:09 PM] Samoth: lets do this right [2:46:11 PM] Edit: Then shut down my community.

Air-erp - Philippine Base ERP Program

AIR-ERP Accounting SystemAIR-ERP Accounting System is created to Automate the the generation of reports for Accounting, Finance, Credit and Collection, Inventory and Sales Department within an Organization. Suported Database Microsoft SQL Server 2000 MySQL Version 5.0 Adaptive SQL Anywhere ModulesAccounts Payable Purchase Order Accounts Payable Voucher Cash/Check Voucher Credit Memo Debit Memo Petty Cash Liquidation Aging of Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Voucher Collec