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Projekt zur SWE Vorlesung 2013.




Related Projects


AndroMDA is a code generation framework that follows the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) paradigm. It takes a UML model from a CASE-tool and generates classes and deployable components (J2EE or other) specific for your application architecture.

Infinity-solutions-case-tool - Code Refactoring

Code Refactoring tool to assist software engineers. This is developed by The University of Pretoria COS 301 team Infinity Solutions.

Metawakame - metaWAKAME Alpha, a prototype of metamodeling tool using EMOF (pyEMOF modified implemen

meta-WAKAME Alpha, a prototype of metamodeling tool using EMOF (pyEMOF modified implementation) This work is a part of the research of master's degree of the pupils Breno Batista Machado and Weslei Alvim de Tarso Marinho, under supervision of the advisor Ph.D. Jacques Robin at the CIn/UFPE.

Case-tool - c application

generating auto html Forms from c application.

Memsviewer - Memory Structure Viewer generated from GCC stabs.

Memory Structure Viewer. Display memory image of your program. data is generated from GCC debugging format (stabs). I have some example , and you can generate a XML data from your C problam. MSV is suppeted only Internet Explorer now. Chrome can not print image (I don't know why). If you want to generate a XML data, you comple a your program with -S option like... $ gcc -S -g yourprogram.c Converter page select a yourprogram.s and push convert and download. And your IE is change your security op


Highly customizable CASE-Tool for static code analysis based on software metrics with additional support for easy interpretation and Agile Development (evolutionary design).

Unicase - an umbrella project including EMFStore, the EMF Client Platform and the UNICASE client

UNICASE is an umbrella project of the following three sub-projects: EMFStore - a model repository for EMF EMF Client Platform (ECP) - a framework for building EMF-based applications UNICASE client - a unified CASE-Tool All sub-projects are developed in the same project since they build on each other. ECP relies on the EMFStore for its model collaboration featurs. In turn the UNICASE client is built based on ECP. To get started the following tutorial paths are available: Getting started as UNICAS