Cartonizer - Box it beautifully!

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Did you ever want to advertise your software with a shiny Web2.0 style box shot? But you did not have the time to learn a full 3D software? Then you were waiting for Cartonizer. Create your box shot in a few clicks!



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carton - Bundler or pip freeze for Perl

Bundler or pip freeze for Perl


OggCarton is a cross-platform CD ripper, database, and web server for Ogg and MP3 files. Needs no external database or web server! lt;brgt; Linux and Windows require Java 1.4.1 (or later) installed. Java is included with Mac OS X.

Wikapidia-aether - WikAPIdia Aether

Adaptation of Brent Hecht's WikAPIdia by Sam Carton & Mahmood Quaderi

Parsley - Simple and Affordable 3D Scanners for Everyone!

Welcome to ParsleyParsley is an open source initiative to build a low-cost 3D scanner. With Parsley you can create your own 3D models easily by scanning them from your desktop. More videos can be found on the Videos page. RequirementsParsley requires hardware to work. Usually this hardware makes 3D scanning expensive. Parsley has been designed with low-cost budgets in mind. As a result you need a standard webcam, a line based laser, and some cartons to glue your printed patterns on. All availabl

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Carton Sealing Tapes, Carton Sealers, Case Former, all packaging equipment provider from Packaging equipment manufacturer offers complete packaging solutions such as carton sealing tapes, carton sealers, case formers, and other product packaging machine for your company. BestPack specializes in customizable packaging solution for all industries with over 90 high quality models to choose from at a surprisingly affordable price. BestPack was founded in 1973 in Taiwan primarily to deve

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Project Name: "Enhancement of Efficiency in Process Traceability and Inventory Management of Corrugated Paper Carton Manufacturer Using Barcode and RFID Technology" Part 1: Process Traceability (Status Tracking Application)Status: Testing Status Tracking Process targets on employee who works in the factory. Currently, this system separates the users into 5 roles are: Planner and Manager, Corrugator, Convertor, Pad and Partition, and Warehouse. FeaturesDescription 1. Planner and Manager

pallet - A package manager for Emacs, built on Carton.

A package manager for Emacs, built on Carton.

Catalyst-Helper-Carton - Generate 'run' and 'test' files based on "carton exec"

Generate 'run' and 'test' files based on "carton exec"


Egg Carton is a series of Ruby number helpers to help with reporting conversions and click-throughs.