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Cartographer is a simple,efficient object relational mapper engine. It provides rapid access to relational data using lightweight data and factory java objects.



Related Projects

Cartographerjs - Javascript Thematic Cartography Library

This library works with Google Maps to provide a simple, elegant interface to standard thematic cartography. Full documentation and demo can be found at

shp2psc converts ArcInfo shapefiles to the MAPresso format

MAPresso is a cartographic applet. In order to get more speed and less download time shp2psc converts an ArcInfo shapefile once to the more compact psc format.

Tmapdesigner - TMap Designer is a desktop application to design thematic maps

TMap Designer is a desktop application to design thematic maps. Its functionalities allow to: Create/Edit/Import base maps Create/Edit/Import data from various data sources Apply Cartographic Display Generate/Print/Copy-to-clipboard Thematic Maps It is also: Platform-independent (Windows/Linux/Mac OS) Free of use and distributions (LGPL open source license) Sponsored by the World Health Organization


ObjectCartographer is an object to object mapper and object factory. It's developed in C#.

Pyproj - Pyrex generated python interface to PROJ.4 library

Performs cartographic transformations and geodetic computations. The Proj class can convert from geographic (longitude,latitude) to native map projection (x,y) coordinates and vice versa, or from one map projection coordinate system directly to another. The Geod class can perform forward and inverse geodetic, or Great Circle, computations. The forward computation involves determining latitude, longitude and back azimuth of a terminus point given the latitude and longitude of an initial point, pl


OpenLabel is a label placement tool and decluttering algorithm for OpenMap. Labels are placed in full conformance with applicable cartographic specifications and conventions - without overlap or ambiguity.


A set of extensions to Tcl/Tk for reading, manipulating, and displaying geographic and cartographic data. It can serve as a starting point for development of new GIS and cartography applications.

Minecraft Backup Assistant

Minecraft Backup Assistant helps you to backup your Minecraft saves. It features fast backup, ZIP backup, restoring, Cartographing the save and more. It's developed in C#.