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Related Projects

Pyclutter-widgets - Python API of 3D and animated widgets based on pyclutter

pyclutter-widgets is a pure python module containing easy to use 3D widgets. Featuresbasics : various shapes menus : carrousel, coverflow, thumbnail menu controls : buttons, scrollable area, virtual keyboard, clock effects : transitions, animations, reflects Mailing listYou can register an account on the pyclut google group ( Screenshots

Agilebots - Make your work agile.

The main purpose of this project is to make your development even faster. Two main fronts are being developed right now. One is a GWT library for common website develop, ie: company sites where carrousels are required, or dynamic menus. There are already a lot of options when we need to design a CRUD system, but not to normal websites. The other is an eclipse plugin, that will generate a JAVA project ready to deploy on APP-ENGINE or any other webserver. Also this project will be already user-log

Using projection to build a 3D carousel in Silverlight 3

In this example I use the new projection properties in Silverlight 3 to build a 3D image carousel. Moving the mouse left to right controls the speed and direction of the carousel. Moving the mouse up and down changes the opacity of the carousel.

Silverlight Flow Layouts library

Silverlight Flow Layouts library is a control library allowing to create ItemsControls with a Cover-flow, Carousel or other 2D / 3D complex layouts. It targets Silverlight 4, is written in C# and targets average Silverlight Developpers

Magic-jquery - Lightweight and easy to use Jquery & CSS Layout and User Interaction manager

Magic jQuery is a small compresed jQuery plugin. It is optimized, simple and flexible. This is compatible until ie6 and mobile browsers such as iPad, iPhone etc...The idea is to give to the designer/developper - Easy layout manager features such as align, limit and position. - Easy User Interaction features such as any kind of fully configurable menu (menu, tab, carrousel...), inner-page messages or popIn/popOut for highlighting elements. Feel free to come to the project's page http://www.jquery

Advanced-ui - Curl Advanced UI

Curl Advanced NOTE: The source code has been moved to FunctionalitiesCurl Advanced UI libraries are Curl APIs to implement the cool application UI. The following functionalities are included in those APIs. Carrousel, Slide ScrollBox Auto Complete TextField Cube Frame (3D Frame) FishEye Menu Animation View Mouse Gesture Events Event Manager Customized Controls (TextField, ComboBox, CommandButton) ... etc C


jQuery carrousel plugin


a jquery carousel

jquery-carousels - Pack of jquery carrousels designed for specific needs

Pack of jquery carrousels designed for specific needs

Manege - A carrousel plugin using jQuery

A carrousel plugin using jQuery