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How to Rent A Car.



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Schuchert-carrental - An example project demonstrating Java 5 and other tool examples

This is an example source based that:- demonstrates Java 5- uses JUnit 4.1- supports examples of using PMD and Checkstyle- supports examples of using Emma and CoberturaAll of these examples reside at

Car-renting - Simple app for car renting..

Application will enable logging of two types of users, operators and customers. Customers will be able to make a reservation, check and update their information and password, and to check their history. Operators will be able to add new cars, delete cars, check out and check in cars, and list all cars and customers and see detailed information about them, and their history of car rentals.

L00063407carrental - Project to have a web booking system for car rental, made in java - college ass

Making a prototype system to have a car rental system for a company with 3 locations. Made using java technologies. This project on googlecode is so I can use the code repository to be able to work on the project from multiple locations.

Tourism-travel-agency - A Website for a travel agency

We will deliver a Web Application using the previous tools in order to offer services to every aspect of the tourism cycle such as : For the tourist: 1-Ability to see the monuments of every country , check its weather and see the available hotels . 2-Ability to book online for certain tourism package. For the agency employee: 1-Ability to see all the available hotels and their prices and if connected to a certain airline then he will see the times of the flight and their prices too. 2-Ability to

Carrental-pv168 - car rental system - study project

This is a student project of PV168 Seminar in Java programming course of Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University (FI MU). Project intends to develop some sort of an information system for car rental company implemented in java.

Couponscouponscouponscoupons - Connecting Corporate and Customers

About smartAZmart Portal We at SmartAZmart (Product of Xecutesmart) build relationship with both our Clients and Consultants Since the Year 2000 to bring them together in highly efficient way. Our Research and Development Departments consist of the Software experts from various fields working smart with More Innovative ideas and business logic to bring the best software solution to the IT field. smartAZmart - Connecting Corporate and Customers At smartAZmart,we use a combination techniques and s

car-rentalss - learn from JasonH815/car-rentals. but modified for personal use

learn from JasonH815/car-rentals. but modified for personal use