Carnival - a GUI for Festival

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a GUI for the Festival speech synthesis program



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Buncha-toolz - Just a Bunch of Tools by Joner Cyrre Worm

Colection of small tools, utilities and scripts to sysadmins, to GNU/Linux and any other stuff, like Google Gadgets, daylight saving time, VirtualBox firewalling and bash scripts. provides Carnival holiday exception rules for zoneinfo configuration files of Brazil/East and America/Sao_Paulo Brazilian Daylight Savings Time (see wiki documentation). pfwbabel.bat: generate firewall port forwarding rules for Windows and Virtualbox (see wiki documentation). autorun_disable.bat:


The Blogpolis Software is an easy to use and webbased Blog-Management-System for political Blog-Carnivals. The software is programmed in PHP, uses a MySQL Database and is licensed under the Free Software licence GPL 3.

Axol - A small webgame.

A webgame created using the Game Creator tool from Sims Carnival.

carnival - An unobtrusive, developer-friendly way to add comments

An unobtrusive, developer-friendly way to add comments

Yamo2a - Yet Another Music Organizer to Amarok

Given the increasing ease of obtaining all kinds of music via the Internet, the personal musical libraries are increasing more and more, so it is important to organize this collection in order to facilitate navigation and search for music throughout the music library. We propose a system for displaying music libraries in a more intuitive way for the music player Amarok, through a 2D representation (two dimensions), in order to organize the songs by the similarity between them. This representatio

Carnamock - A lightweight c++ mock framework that compiles in borland builder 6

This project came from the need to test legacy code with Borland C++ Builder 6. Aims: to be lightweight. to avoid heavy template code. to compile in Borland C++ Builder 6. If you have access to a better compiler don't hesitate to use another mocking framework! Other frameworks: google mock hippomocks mockpp mockitopp amop Special Thanks: We would like to thank Audaces ( for their support while developing carnamock. This project just wouldn´t be feasible without their h

Carnival - Carnival program for mackillop

Carnival program for mackillop

SportsCarnival - A scoring system for Sheldon sports carnivals

A scoring system for Sheldon sports carnivals

Carnival-Horror - Carnival Horror with Marcos L. C.

Carnival Horror with Marcos L. C.