CARMEN robotics package

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CARMEN provides modular software for mobile robot control and navigation including: base and sensor control, obstacle avoidance, localization, path planning, people-tracking, and mapping. Language: C / Dependencies:gtk. See:



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A repository of geographic regions for Ruby

carmen-rails - Rails adapter for Carmen (provides country_select and subregion_select)

Rails adapter for Carmen (provides country_select and subregion_select)

Poohv - Programación Orientada a Objetos con Herramientas Visuales

Grupo 3MiembrosAlex Falkensteiner Alberto J. Hormigo Damián de la Rosa Gilabert Pedro Martínez Cabrales Miriam Morales Bellido Carmen Ortiz Sarria Francisco Javier Rivera Gutierrez Pablo Verd Gallego ProyectosChess

Projectoscrabblepoo - Proyecto del Juego Scrabble, hecho en Java, con Programación Orientada a Obje

Este proyecto es una versión del Juego Scrabble hecho en Java, como Proyecto del Segundo Parcial de la materia "Programación Orientada a Objeto" dictada por la Msc Carmen Vaca

Incf-omni - Object Model for Neuroinformatics

A python library to bind together heterogeneous neuroinformatics data and simulation resources into a common framework for the purposes of doing analysis and simulation construction of the nervous system. A project of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF). This project binds together several important efforts in the Neuroinformatics community: Waxholm Python API PyNN NeuroML Whole Brain Catalog NeuroLex Connectome Viewer CARMEN and many more... We are still in the very


Carmen Asencio Ambrosio


CARA (*CA*RMEN *R*DF *A*PI) provides an API for the Resource Description Framework (RDF). The API is based on the graph model of RDF, supports in-memory and persistant storage and includes an RDF Parser.

wheelchairclient is an interface between wheelchair and CARMEN robot toolkit

wheelchairclient is an interface between wheelchair and CARMEN robot toolkit

Koc-power-pdx - Scriptish script for automating aspects of the Kingdoms of Camelot Facebook game

KOC POWER - MULTILANGis a collaborative effort between KoC Scripts and KoC Scripters Member Userscripts Page FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUPSSupport Groups GOOGLE GROUPDE KoC Scripts on google EN KoC Scripts on google ACTIVE CODERPDX the one and only...: "if you want to help me with this script just contact me, THANKS" ACTIVE TRANSLATORSPhilip Blanco is working on our Français Translation Mia, Carmen and Julia is working on our IT Translation sekeryuez is working on our TR Translation Igor Garcia is wor