CARE2X php Integ Hospital Info System

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Integrated Hospital Information System. PHP,mySQL,PostgreSQL. Surgery, Nursing,Outpatient,Wards,Labs, Pharmacy, Security,Admission,Schedulers, Repair, Communication amp; more. Multilanguage, WYSIWYG forms, userconfig, embedded workbots. Modular amp; scalab



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As you work your way up the learning curve of CCD photometry one of the later refinements is to develop transform coefficients for your telescope/filter/CCD camera setup. There are several references from the AAVSO website on how to do this and I’ve included some of them below. Once you have your coefficients you need to apply them to your observations. This can be a confusing process and usually involves transcribing your data to various spreadsheets. I offer here an application that is meant

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#!/usr/bin/perl -- # # CGIProxy 2.0.1 # # nph-proxy.cgi-- CGIProxy 2.0.1: a proxy in the form of a CGI script. # Retrieves the resource at any HTTP or FTP URL, updating embedded URLs # in HTML resources to point back through this script. By default, no # user info is sent to the server. Options include text-only proxying # to save bandwidth, cookie filtering, ad filtering, script removal, # user-defined encoding of the target URL, and more. Requires Perl 5. # # Copyright (C) 1996, 1998-2002 by J


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