CardSpace PHP

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This is an interoperability project to enable Windows CardSpace technology using PHP on LAMP(Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack



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Whobar - Website login with multiple identity protocols

Whobar is a technology developed by Sxip Identity that makes it easy for users to register and login to a website using their choice of emerging identity protocols such as InfoCard, i-names, and OpenID. It’s available as an open source module for developers to easily add support of the emerging Identity 2.0 technologies to their site. The benefits of this for users is a common website login experience and for web developers, to streamline their user registration and login process with Identity


The Information Card Authentication Module for CardSpace is an open source module that allows applications using Web Servers (Eg. IIS, PHP/Apache. Ruby/Rails & Java/Apache Tomcat, for hosting or proxy to use Information Cards as an additional authentication mechanism. It allo...

Php-infocard-rp - PHP library for Relying Party to consume Information Card token

PHP library for Relying Party to consume Information Card token. Requirement: PHP5 with php5-mcrypt and php5-openssl extensions enabled This project uses some classes included in Zend InfoCard component with some modifications. The motivation of this project is the issue that prohibits RPs to consume Information Card tokens from Identity Selectors other than CardSpace (DigitalMe, Azigo, etc.) using Zend InfoCard component. This project will be obsolete when authors of Zend InfoCard component fix