CardSpace Relying Party Java

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This is a software interoperability project to develop CardSpace Relying Parties on heterogeneous platforms like in Java on TomCat running on Linux platform.



Related Projects

Information Card Java

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate interoperability of Relying parties supporting Information Cards on Java language for Apache and/or Tomcat platforms, as well as, Websphere/Sun Java Web Server on Linux platforms:


The Information Card Authentication Module for CardSpace is an open source module that allows applications using Web Servers (Eg. IIS, PHP/Apache. Ruby/Rails & Java/Apache Tomcat, for hosting or proxy to use Information Cards as an additional authentication mechanism. It allo...

Openinfocard - Open Source Information Card Selector and Relyingparty and Security Token Server Java

Here you'll find a variety of building blocks for the Identity Meta System. The project includes: An Identity Selector for Firefox Java Code for building Relying Parties Java Code for building Security Token Services Java to generating Information Cards, and encrypting/decrypting backup files Sample code for the various components A sample relyingparty can be found here: A sample security token server can be found here: More information ca