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Card sort research has applications in psychology, web development, and market research. Here, we offer a digital card sorting tool with a simple, user friendly interface and powerful analysis tools. We concentrate on a flexible, multi-purpose sort.



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The Cutting Edge CardSorting Solution.

Card-sortables - A feature-rich card sorting application for user experience professionals.

Card Sortables is a feature rich card sorting application ideal for user experience designers. Currently this project is still under development and an alpha release will be available by Jan 1, 2010 for testing. I would like to get very early feedback before too much of the interface has progressed. I will be sharing the designs through the Card-Sortables Discussion Group on November 1, 2009. -- All feedback will be greatly appreciated - I'd like this to be the 'must have' card sorting and analy

Scaa - Surface Cardsorting Android App

A App which shows the results of the Cardsorting

Cardsorting - Herramienta CardSorting para la evaluacion de la arquitectura de la informacion

El tema del proyecto consiste en el análisis y rediseño de las pruebas de usabilidad para ambientes colaborativos y la creación de una herramienta card-sorting para evaluación de arquitecturas de información. Este tema de trabajo de grado surge como parte del macroproyecto presentado a colciencias por parte de los grupos de investigación SINFOCI (Uniquindío), IDIS (Unicauca) y GRIHO (Universidad de Lleida – España) acerca de la Implementación de un Framework para la Evaluación de Usa

Pmcardsorting - Desarrollo de una tecnica de usabilidad(Card Sorting)

Se trata en el rediseno en forma colaborativa de la prueba de usabilidad de test cardsorting.

cardsorter - silly little cardsorter/sticky notes app

silly little cardsorter/sticky notes app


A simple way to create cardsort decks

cardsorting - Card Sorting Web App

Card Sorting Web App

card_sort - Sort playing cards using Go.

Sort playing cards using Go.