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A Java web application that provides the features and behaviors offered by an Agile story wall. The application tracks the states of stories, tasks, and bugs from iteration to iteration.



Related Projects

Sets as Boxes

A simple tool for visualizing finite sets as cardboard boxes. Boxes nest and contain numbers/balls to give a basic intuition for students first learning about sets. 3D visualization done via OpenGL.


quot;Mini Bingoquot; its a network (client-server) version of the board game Bingo. Each client can see the lucky numbers and its own cardboard


The purpose of the cinc project is to develop an emulator for Bell Labs' Cardiac (cardboard illustrative aid to computation) computer. The main product from this project is a Java program called jcinc.


An implementation of the Ordinapoche (also known as CARDIAC in English) cardboard computer.

Insideout - Using Computer Vision techniques to control a modelled car

In this project a rectangular object (like, cardboard) is used to control the manoeuvring of a modelled car written in OpenGL.


phpMyDesktop|arcade is a mix between a message board, the game of life and card/board games. It realises a new way of communication on the web on a two dimensional board where each post functions as kind of a point generating lifeform.

Niftymitter - A Tiny Short Range FM Transmitter

Niftymitter is a short range FM transmitter based on the open source hardware design by Tetsuo Kogawa, housed within a cardboard body, with a variety of options for hacking. The transmitter is tiny and handy for small scale radio broadcasts, building a distributed PA system for performances, linking your personal audio player to your car radio, or for general audio experimentation. The project is housed at