Carbon Five Open Source

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This project serves as repository and distribution point for Carbon Five Open Source software and documentation.



Related Projects

Javascript-test-maven-plugin - Screw-Unit javscript unit-testing integration for Maven

Maven integration for Screw-UnitThis plugin executes one or more Screw-Unit ( test suites in the test phase of a maven build. It uses env.js and Rhino to create a simulated browser environment within maven, executes screw-unit test suites. It then analyses the results and spools off the results in JUnit xml format for proper integration into the maven test lifecycle. The goal of the project is to facilitate continuous integration of JavaScript testing in Mave

C5-test-support - Collection of tools to make Java testing a little bit easier

Latest Version: 0.9.2-m2 A collection of very simple utilities with the goal of making writing tests easier with less code. FunctionalTestRunner - JUnit ExtensionAdded in 0.9.2-m1, read about it on the Carbon Five blog: Spring 2.5+ Test ExtensionsDataSetTestExecutionListenerLoads DBUnit test fixtures before test methods flagged with the @DataSet annotation. Participates in an active transactions if avail


A company dashboard web app


iPhone Experiment


Upload files to dropbox from the command line. Requires a dropbox app (


RubiOS provides tasks and generators to build, package, and deploy your iOS projects


Instrument Rails and Resque with shared transaction IDs to trace execution of a unit of work across applications and application instances.


ActiveColumn is a data management framework for Cassandra. It includes data migrations similar to ActiveRecord, and a data mapping framework for "time line" modeled data.