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CARAT (Course Analysis, Review and Alignment Tool) a Flex3 app for rubric-based evaluation. 508 compliant, CSS-based, XML-driven for content. Database output shown for c#/.NET to SQL2005. Released under CC 3.0 by-nc-sa license by UTTC CDT.



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Carat: Collaborative Energy Debugging

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Qcurrency ConverterQcurrency ConverterAbout QcurrencyNewsRequirementsScreenshotsSupported UnitsCurrencyLengthWeightCredits and thanks About QcurrencyQcurrency is a currency converter for international exchange rates. Qcurrency udpates exchange rate data from the internet and stores the information locally for off-line use. Qcurrency, despite its name, can also do all of your Weight and Length conversions. Its has all the common units available for conversion, eg Feet, Inches, Centimetres, Kilogr

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Django-StoreUma loja virtual simples em DjangoVersão Django: 1.1 Versão Python: 2.6 Caraterísticas: Cadastro de Produtos Cadastro de Clientes Carrinho de Compras Promoções nos produtos Várias Imagens nos produtos Pagamentos variados Vários templates Licença: GPLv3


Facets in C

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Facets in C

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A weightless Sinatra starting point.


A Ruby-like programming language written in Ruby

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