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CaRaCaL: Compilador de Videojuegos 2d, basado en Fenix, a su vez basado en div games studio. PROYECTO CERRADO, no se actualizaraacute; maacute;s.



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Tdl4caracing - Car Racing System using TDL

Car racing system using TDL methods: will start from building simple point to point race, progressively towards full informed one.

Xulogenesis - creer votre perso de jeu de role

un petit soft (plugin firefox ?) pour creer sa feuille de perso a un jeu de role L5R, Werewolf, Whispering Vault, ... resultat imprimable sous forme d'une belle feuille envoie les caracs de ta feuille sur un serveur qui peux les stocker a l'attention du MJ (pour ses pnj par exemples)

Project-caracal - Qt/Kde System Installer, Package Manager, Configuration Tools

System Installer:is a gnu/linux system installer that resembles yast butis extensible via modules & will be capable of installinga live cd image, binary packages,or source packages that way the system installer can be used for any three modes or possible a combination of all three with no modification to the installer.Package Manager:is a gnu/linux package manager capable of installing, removing, upgrading, downgrading, building packages via a qt interface.The interface will have 2+ modes1. a wi

Caracal - Mediatrix media gateway syslog parser

Mediatrix media gateway syslog parser

caracal - a source-to-source translator for stencil code optimization

a source-to-source translator for stencil code optimization