Car Companion

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Car Companion is a tool to track the maintenance that needs to be performed on the users car. Users can create custom maintenance items and generate reports and a sticker for their car.



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The most up-to-date version of this project is available at It's been picked up by a new developer, which hopefully can finish this abandoned side-project of mine to a release. This is an android app which was created since I always forget to turn on bluetooth and thereby enable hands-free before I drive. It should be an ideal companion to anyone who use handsfree through bluetooth in their car, but turn have bluetooth off otherwise. It listens to lo

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GTR2 Companion is intended to provide all sorts of useful tools for players of GTR2. It can read and display the game's replay files in full 3D. The cars can overlaid to compare different laps and lines. It can also give a list of all the significant event in a race. It can read log files and present the lap records and export them in HTML. (For full race reports use the excellent Autosim Analyser tool from here.) The project needs developers. To volunteer, please introduce yourself in the Devel


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