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Capture2Text enables users to quickly OCR a small portion of the screen and, by default, save the result to the clipboard. Supports 50+ languages including Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Portable and does not require installation. See for details.



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Hamcrest-text-patterns - An API for writing readable, composable regular expression matchers

A library for writing readable, composable regular expression matchers that integrates cleanly with Hamcrest. FeaturesEasier to read (although more long-winded) than regular expressions Named capture groups: captured text is identified by name, not by the index of the group. Composable: patterns can be easily combined into more complex patterns without worrying about breaking regex syntax or changing group identifiers. Refactoring friendly: patterns can be refactored with your favourite IDE. Par

Inferno-re2 - Inferno driver to link re2 library

Re2 is Limbo module for OS Inferno, which provide access to regular expression library re2. It's implemented as Inferno driver in C, so you'll need to rebuild Inferno to install it. Also this project contain C++ library re2wrap, required to call C++ library re2 from C. Version 1.0.0 support most of re2 features (but API is different). Unsupported: custom regexp options, custom regexp/text encodings, auto-converting matched substrings into non-string types (like int), named capturing groups. In v

A2dpvolume - For Android devices to automatically adjust the media volume on bluetooth connect and r

OverviewAutomatically adjusts the media volume on connect and resets on disconnect. This is done so the stereo streaming audio will work properly. Intended primarily for car Bluetooth systems. Also automatically captures location information so you can find where you left your car. The location can also be automatically captured when exiting Car Mode on your Android device. The location can be read by any app that understands GPS data such as Google Maps, GPS Status, web browsers, etc. A2DP Volu

Vbulletin-to-rdf - Map a vBulletin forum archive to RDF

This project presently consists of a vBulletin2RDF.php script. This script extracts text from the archive view of vBulletin boards and writes out an RDF version of the captured information. The RDF uses the SIOC vocabulary. The script can consume one or more keywords. If there are no keywords then we output all the threads, posts and content. If there are keywords then we output only those threads, posts and content where one or more of the keywords appears in the content. The sioc:topic propert

Jmeter-amf-visualizer - Jmeter visualizer amf response

The deserialize response in text. It's similar to AMFExplorer, plugin FF ( Just copy the JAR file (org.racsor.jmeter-0.0.1.jar) into JMeter's lib/ext directory. If you want test with JMeter you could execute doc/testJMeter-jmx/tourFlex.jmx and modified filesSystempath with your path to POSTXXXXX.binary

Mazio - Screen capture and painting utility for Windows

Visit us at Kalamon SoftwareSummaryScreenshot grabber, allowing fast and easy annotations of the screenshots and instant uploads to many types of web-based image repositories Created and copyright by Janusz Gorycki .NET 2.0 required ScreenshotsMazio 1.2.0 main window Features so farGrabbing a region of screen Grabbing a single window dragging and dropping image files to and from Mazio copy and paste of images - as new main screenshot or as additional images, which can be moved and resized upload

Memefx - A set of rich -freely evolving- JavaFX components

This library provides a set of rich components for the JavaFX platform. New TextHTML component Java Web Start DemosRequires Java 6 update 10 or later. Click Here to get it. TextHTML control demo ImagesAccordion control demo Gauge + Knob controls demo Knob control demo Stage Controller basic demo Stage Controller events demo Graphical PopupMenu control demo (experimental) Notice how the demos persist -position and size- from session to session, that's because the Stage Controller component. Docum

Wiki2local - Wiki2Local

An Application that helps to bring list of pages from any of wikimedia projects to local computer. UsageTopic file formatBefore running application, we need to prepare topic list, list of wiki page arranged in a tree form. Topic list file is a simple text file with its content arranged in a format described below. First line of the file will be always topic tree's heading. Second line should start with an equal character ('=') and it represents a topic node. Subsequent lines may contain wiki pag

Xmind3 - Brainstorming and Mind Mapping

XMind is an open source project that contributes to building a cutting-edge brainstorming/mind-mapping facility, focused on both usability and extendability. It helps people in capturing ideas into visually self-organized charts and sharing them for collaboration and communication. Currently supporting mind maps, fishbone diagrams, tree diagrams, org-charts, logic charts, and even spreadsheets. Often used for knowledge management, meeting minutes, task management, and GTD. XMind is dual licensed

Notespot - program to allow user to take notes from reading material or audio material and organize

The program main objectives: 1- Take the notes 2- Organize the note 3- Retrieve the note 4- Special functions 1- Taking the note : The program will allow user to take notes from reading materials such as word documents or PDF files or web pages.. And also the user can add his own notes so to be easy to remember. The program is able to open the word or Pdf document so user will select the paragraph from it and put it in his notes store. The program takes automatically the date of the note and the