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CapROS is an experimental capability-based operating system, based on EROS, KeyKOS, and Gnosis. Ports exist for the Intel IA-32 and ARM9 architectures.



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Mytos - a tiny kernel,mainly used for learning.

As the name suggests,it is My Tiny OS(operating system),actually it is a tiny kernel rather than an OS,It is mainly used for learning,and it will be extended. Text mode and graphic mode are enabled,keyboard is also enabled,If you want to read a simple kernel source code,mytos is your good choice. mytos(My Tiny OS),一个微å°�型的内核,集中于实现一个微å°�型内核,对于开始学习内核或者并没有太多内核编程的人æ�¥è¯´é˜…读此æº�ç �是一个ä¸�错的选择(虽然å

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