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Capra is a Open Source tool to quickly get some nice and useful reports out off your Watchguard Fireware log files.



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Usbarm - Capra robots remote control system

Implement a usb XBOX remote control on a arm cortex m3 cpu (usb host core) Switch the motor drive input from the usb XBOX remote, the PWM remote control and the A.I. (Rs232)


Capra-Ibex is a ROS-based solution for managing and operating Club Capra's autonomous vehicles.

Uvte-learning - E-Learning the best way to learn

E-Learning In cadrul acestui proiect se cere realizarea unui sistem inteligent de asistare in procesul de invatare al unei discipline de studiu. Se vor considera ca si studii de caz disciplinele de Programare C++(Anul 1) si Inteligenta Artificiala(Anul 3). Principalele cerinte pe care sistemul va trebui sa le respecte: (1) Sistemul sa fie adaptat in functie de specificul persoanei in cauza. (2) Sistemul va mentine o baza de date despre utilizatorii sai, la modul persistent. (3) Sistemul va trebu

capra - An extensible package manager for Clojure

An extensible package manager for Clojure

capra-server - RESTful package server

RESTful package server


A multiplayer 3d tank capture the flag game. Final project for Computer Graphics. Partners: David Mandle, Dave Capra.


A video stabilizer that uses SURF feature detection. Created for final project in Computer Vision. Partners: David Mandle, Dave Capra, Minqi Jiang


SeaGoatVision is a vision server to develop and execute filter on different media. The software is entirely written in Python and the filters can be written in both C++ or Python.