Code Analysis Plugin

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CAP (code analysis plugin) is an eclipse plugin (written in Java) that analysis your java project. It checks dependencies between the classes and packages and gives you a hint about the architecture, reusability and maintainability. (quot;JDepend 2quot;)



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With this small program it is very easy to rename the subtitles to match the movie files, if they follow the usual episode naming SSxEE, sSSeEE or SEE. The program takes a directory, look for the .avi, .mkv or .mp4. For each file look for a matching subtitle (.srt or .sub), and makes a copy with the name of the movie. For the match the program takes in count ONLY the number of the episode. For this you can have only a TV show in a directory. This utility is completely superseded by


This is a program that processes a log file and extracts useful information summaries from it, a task that is very common in security and system administration work. A web server log file from the small, portable and secure webserver thttpd ( It follows a standard format that is very common in the UNIX world, that is, it's a flat text file with one record per line and fields delimited by whitespace or other characters. This is a utility that answers the follo

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Curso básico de pythonPython es un lenguaje de programación cuya estructura te permite mantener la claridad y la transparencia del código. Actualmente Python cuenta con un gran desarrollo de librerias especializadas y se puede correr en plataformas Linux-Unix y Windows. Lo anterior unido al hecho de que posee licencias de código abierto lo convierte en una herramienta muy poderosa para el desarrollo de aplicaciones científicas. Puedes encontrar mas información en: El

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Brdjrtp - Projeto de Infra Comunicação - CIn - 2008.1

1 - a implementação poderá ser em java; 2- o tráfego de dados deverá ser bidirecional, permitindo conversações; 2 – o jitter deverá ser removido antes de se jogar o áudio para a saída de som. Deve-se utilizar números de seqüência, estampas de tempo e controlar o playout delay. Consultar capítulo específico do Kurose que provê tais informações (parte sobre multimídia e atraso de playout adaptativo). Não há necessidade de se implementar FEC ou interleaving; 3 – o programa

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AboutThis project hosts Elphel cameras related gstreamer components, so far: the jp462bayer plugin converts color and monochrome JP46 Elphel bitstreams to Bayer raw format bayer2rgb2 converts raw Bayer streams to RGB images For information about JP4 and demosaicing, see WhyJP4 This project is sponsored by Ubicast. jp462bayer: JP4 to BayerAfter jpegdec, re-arranges the pixels in Bayer format. Features: fast downscaling algorithm, with which a simultaneous full quality raw capture and a smaller qu

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