Cluster Administration Package (CAP)

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The Cluster Administration Package (CAP) means to ease integration, configuration, and systems management. It is the quot;gluequot; that allows administrators to leverage existing technologies in a framework of information management, control, and installa



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Aeod - bluetooth (HCI/L2CAP) stack for avr microcontrollers

This is HCI/L2CAP stack for AVR-microcontrollers. Written in ANSI C and uses AVR-libc. Aims to be really small and only to provide connection-oriented/connectionless L2CAP communication between endpoints. Communication between Bluetooth Host Controller and AVR is made by UART/H4. Currently this support L2CAP packet delivering between AVR-device and any device capable of L2CAP. Consumes about 4k of AVR program memory and delivered data packet size of about 16 bytes. Im currenty developing this fo

Pam-mju - Platform software for nucleotide sequence assembly management

WelcomePAM is a program that can manage raw data, processes and results for various assembly programs and has a GUI (Graphic User Interface) to decrease difficulty of managing many assembly operations. At present, the program supports 4 assembly softwares. Phrap, CAP3, Arachne and TIGR Assembler

Socks-tun - SocksTun - Using a TUN device to access network resources via a Socks server

Allow you to socksify outgoing connections by using a TUN device. Similar to SocksCap except it intercepts the TCP/IP data at network layer 3 instead of at network layer 4.

Peggle-edit - A level editor for Peggle

Latest News:3 July 2011Version 0.4.3 (Buzzard) has been released. Download it now and uses the issues page to report any bugs or request any features. Alternatively you can contact IntelOrca. See GettingStarted for instructions and further help. 14 June 2011There is a big change between version 0.3 (Albatross) and 0.4 (Buzzard) with many changes including an IDE feel to the editor and nearly incorporates all the features used in the original levels by PopCap including emitters. A public release

Db4o-netbeans - A NetBeans plugin for managing db4o databases

db4o-netbeans provides a plugin for the netbeans IDE to manage db4objects databases ( Features: Create, open and close db4o databases Browse db4o database content Create, update and delete objects Perform Queries Supported: netbeans 6.0+, netbeans 5.5 is not supported anymore. NetBeans Update Center URL: History: 2007-11-11: version 0.6.0 is available 2007-10-30: version 0.4.0 is available 2007-10-22: versio

Lector - An interface to tesseract ocr

LectorA graphical ocr solution for GNU/Linux based on Python, Qt4 and tessaract OCR. Author: Davide Setti IntroductionLector can help you to scan your tons of paper and create text document! Lector lets you select areas on which you want to do OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Then you can run tesseract-ocr simply clicking a button. The resulting text can be proofread, formatted and edited directly in Lector. Features: scanning (available only on Linux) OCR via tesseract (with support for mor

Pybluez - PyBluez is an effort to create python wrappers around system Bluetooth resources to allow

PyBluez is an effort to create python wrappers around system Bluetooth resources to allow Python developers to easily and quickly create Bluetooth applications. PyBluez works on GNU/Linux and Windows XP (Microsoft and Widcomm Bluetooth stacks). It is freely available under the GNU General Public License. DocumentationSee the Documentation page. Mailing List / ContactPlease use the mailing list at NewsOct 15, 2009Version 0.17 released. This is a bugfix rele

Pixelflowjava - Simulation d'onde

PixelFlowJavaPixelFlowJava est une application Java qui peut simuler la propagation d'une onde selon le principe de Huygens discrétisé sur une grille de point. En fait PixelFlowJava est plus générique et permet d'étudier un cellular automaton pour n'importe quelle matrice 4x4. Ref.: ECHENARD, N. & WAGEN, J.-F. (2006) WLAN Service Coverage Based on PixelFlow Predictions. 4th International Conference, WWIC. Bern Switzerland. Chopard, B.; Luthi, P.; Wagen, J.-F.; , "Multi-cell coverage predict

Ell - Embedded LL library. A light C++ library to embbed EBFN grammars in your code.

Ell is pure-header library to write EBNF grammars as C++ code. It eases the development of parsers or similar applications, while removing the need to write a lexer. Ell is not a tool to generate parsers (like ANTLR) : the grammar you write is directly embedded into your C++ code. The core library is light, headers-only and written using generation templates technique to achieve a fastest execution. The service provided by Ell is very similar to what Boost Spirit provides, but with a simpler obj

Switch4x - Keyboard switcher for Mac OS X

Keyboard layout switching application, able to work by Caps Lock (and later - any other key).