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CANopen opensource Central is a placeholder. Please go to the CanFestival project for some OpenSource CanOpen tools and stack.



Related Projects


can4linux is an universal Linux device driver for ISA or PCI interface boards with CAN interface and embedded CAN controller solutions. Based on the API provided by can4linux commercial protocol stacks for CANopen, J1939 and DeviceNet are available.

Json-sdo - JsonSDO - HTTP based method to communicate with field bus devices

This project specifies a method to communicate by a JSON based protocol with CANopen or EtherCAT fieldbus devices. The software coming along demonstrates a Javascript based client and a Java servlet which represents a simulated DS 301 device. Main featuresfield bus device can carry its own commissioning tool with itself. Only an internet browser is required to "run" the tool. simple programming in Javascript low firmware overhead suited for 8 or 16 bit architectures


CanFestival focuses on providing an ANSI-C platform independent CANOpen stack that can be implemented as master or slave nodes on PCs, Real-time IPCs, and Microcontrollers. A WxPython based CanOpen Object Dictionary editor GUI is also provided.


This project defines a Standard API for access to the CAN (Controller Area Network) bus. The API provides functionality for ISO/OSI Layer-2 (Data Link Layer). The CANpie driver is the base for HLPs like CANopen, DeviceNet, J1939 etc.

Iscada3d - Open Source Platform for Process Monitoring with 3D Technology, a Solution by SAF Consult

The system use a CAN fieldbus as a distributed control network. One of the nodes is a control unit based on RTLinux. From the desktop PC, and via Internet, the process can be monitored and managed. The main features of the platform are: Control Processes under Real-Time. Distributed control topology due to the use of CAN fliedbus. Multiplatform desktop interface. 3D representation capability under Blender.

canopen - CANopen stack implemented in Erlang

CANopen stack implemented in Erlang

sc_canopen - CANOpen protocol stack

CANOpen protocol stack

canopen_old - Framework-independent CANopen API

Framework-independent CANopen API

socanmatic - Protocol library for CANopen

Protocol library for CANopen

CanOpenMaster - A simple CANOpen master node

A simple CANOpen master node