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A Smarty-like template library for Ruby.



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Filters is a image processing library: filter sobel,convolution,morphology,vectorization,segmentation,blob,blur,histogram,susan,threshold,texture,contrast,standard deviation,canny,distance map,matrix,contour,edge,rotation,correlation,gradient anisotropic

Jvat - Java - Video Annotation Tool

JVAT is a video annotation tool, which is used to draw SVG animations over videos. These SVG documents can be separate files or they can be stored in video containers along with the video. Algorithms used in JVAT: Canny Edge Detector Sobel Operator Blob Detection Either Jffmpeg or Fobs4JMF is required to view video files properly. Screenshots Edge detection sampl

Cannie2 - Cannie will be a library for game programming with jogl

Cannie will be a library for game programming with jogl

Fast-edge - FAST-EDGE - A fast edge detection implementation in C.

FAST-EDGE seeks to be the fastest edge detection implementation in C. Edge detection has many applications in computer vision and image processing and is a key component in feature detection and extraction. GoalsBe the fastest edge detection implementation in C - with no external dependencies, just the standard C library. Have clean and easy to understand code, that will be understandable by just about anyone. Be the go-to implementation for the robotics community where speed is paramount while

Jviolajones - Java face detection

DescriptionThis package is a Java implementation of the Viola-Jones algorithm, able to load OpenCV XML files. It can be used to detect either faces or any objects you have learned a cascade classifier from. However, this project does not implement the learning part of the Viola-Jones algorithm (you still have to learn examples with OpenCV tools). UpdateI just added the Canny Prunning algorithm, as in OpenCV, to identify regions unlikely to contain faces and speed up detection. As I've seen some

Iplab - Image Processing Lab

Image Processing Lab is an image processing application written in C#, which includes different filters and tools to analyze images available in AForge.NET Framework. The following filters are available in the IPLab application: Color filters (grayscale, sepia, invert, rotate, channel extraction, channel replacing, channel filtering, color filtering, Euclidean color filtering); HSL filters (linear correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue modifier, HSL filtering); YCbCr filters (linear c

Opencvsharp - OpenCV wrapper for .NET Framework

OpenCvSharp DescriptionOpenCvSharp��OpenCVをC#やVB.NET���.NET Framework�言語�ら利用�る���クロスプラットフォーム�動作�るラッパー��。大部分�C#�よ��書�れ����。OpenCvSharpを使���C#やVB.NET����言語�ら�簡�����高速�画�処�プログラムを作�����。 OpenCvSharp is a cross platform wrapper of OpenCV for .NET Framework written in C#. You can use many popular image proc

Vanishingpointsfromsegments - Extract vanishing points after computing main edges

Extracts vanishing points of an image after computing its main edges using a Canny-Deriche filter.


This project uses edge information by applying canny on mean shift filtered image. Finally, this edge information is given as marker image to watershed algorithm which further segments the image. The target images are currently high resolution satellite images.