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Cannonball is a car racing game where you participate in the open road Cannonball. You will see your car from a helicopter\'s perspective. The game features OpenGL rendering, joystick/steering wheel control and realistic car physics.



Related Projects

As3scriptinglib - Library for compiling and executing runtime (dynamic) ActionScript 3/ECMAScript

This library aims to provide an API for compiling and executing runtime ActionScript/JavaScript within the Flash client (no server required) via Adobe's ECMAScript 4 compiler (from the Tamarin project). Examples for Flex and Flash are included in the zip. In its current state, it can: Compile AS3/JavaScript at runtime within the Flash Player Execute compiled code in the scope of any object Control which classes and functions are exposed to the script domain Please note: there are currently sever

As3htmltidylib - HTMLTidy for ActionScript 3.0 (via Alchemy)

A build of HTMLTidy for Flash via Alchemy. The zip includes Flash and Flex examples. This library may eventually be usable as a plugin for the Cannonball web library.

As3cannonball - DOM+HTML+CSS3 Library for ActionScript 3.0

NoticeThe CSS engine from Cannonball is now a separate project. The latest version can be downloaded here: The CSS package in Cannonball is old and probably shouldn't be used. Cannonball is an implementation of the DOM Level 3, HTML and CSS3 core specifications written in ActionScript 3.0. Cannonball as a whole is not functional, but some of its components are usable as separate libraries: CSS: The CSS engine in com.newgonzo.cannonball.css.* Scripting: JavaScri

Cannonpong - don't shoot your opponent ;)

The player controls a ship, which has to collect and shoot cannonballs back to the opponent. This has been developed using SDL and C++.

lua-cannonball - Calculate cannonball trajectory

Calculate cannonball trajectory


2D physics puzzle game


A django-based git repository viewer.

cannonball - An example of dependency injection with the Jellyfish library

An example of dependency injection with the Jellyfish library


A minimalisitic 2D game built in python using the Tkinter graphics library.

terrible-cannonballs - perlin noise terrain and awful collision detection

perlin noise terrain and awful collision detection