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Candy is a job application manager. Users can add objects like job applications, enterprises, contacts and appointments. Those objects can be linked together and users can easily follow evolutions of their job applications.



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Lucene-silverstripe-plugin - Lucene search engine plugin for the SilverStripe framework

OverviewThis plugin for the SilverStripe framework allows you to harness the power of the Lucene search engine on your site. Using a variety of tools, you can also search PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and plain text files. It is easy to set up and use. This plugin uses Zend_Search_Lucene from Zend, StandardAnalyzer by Kenny Katzgrau, and pdf-to-text by Joeri Stegeman for PDF scanning. Zend_Search_Lucene is a PHP port of the Apache project's Lucene search engine. This extension is inspired by the

Crusty - linux console applications

C.R.US.T.Y.a.k.a. 'Consoles 'r us- thank you!'Tools for Travelers to the TextyverseThere are many excellent console-based tools and CRUSTY packages lots of them together into one convenient make file that includes config files, installers, tools and tips to make best use of: svn w3m screen snownews midnight commander emacs, vim, or even nano (if you are so inclined) bash On install, CRUSTY's files are placed under $(DESTDIR)/opt/crusty/xyz so its easy to uninstall CRUSTY. Not currently included,