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CAML (Cellular Automata Modelling Language) is an XML application for modelling Cellular Automata.



Related Projects

WDialog framework for web applications

WDialog is a system to make dialog-centric web applications. It imitates the behaviour of widgets found in GUIs, but acts in a HTML/HTTP environment. There is a UI language (XML), but callbacks are coded in a normal programming language (O'Caml, Perl)

Jcaml - caml interpreter in java

caml interpreter in java for the Programming Languages: Concepts and paradigms course at UFRN.


A set of .NET language-based tools for creating dynamic, reusable CAML query components. CAML.NET leverages the power and flexibility of the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) to build CAML queries dynamically in code while preserving the syntactic structure of the native CAML...

CAML Builder

Small and simple API which allows you to easily write CAML queries, in a declarative way.

Sql-to-sharepoint - ADO.NET Interface implementation to talk to SharePoint lists

This is an implementation IDBCommand that translates SQL to CAML. It also includes an implementation of NHibernate.Driver.IDriver to persist entities to SharePoint lists.

CAML Query Builder Library for Sharepoint Webservice

CAML query builder makes it easier for create CAML query to communicate with sharepoint via SP Web service. It's developed in C#


CamlOSG is an OCaml bindings for OpenSceneGraph.

Eicnam - This project summarizes all programming activities for CNAM Students.

This project summarizes all programming activities for CNAM Students. UE codes will be added soon!

SharePoint CAML QueryBuilder Helper class

SharePoint CAML QueryBuilder Helper class