Camellia Image Processing Library

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The Camellia library is an open source and cross-platform image processing library, written in plain C. It includes a lot of speed-optimized imaging functions (filtering, morpho, labeling, motion detection, warping, color conversion, project/backproject)



Related Projects

Openariasrtp - RFC 3711 SRTP Library with AES, ARIA, SEED and Camellia support

RFC 3711 SRTP librarysupport RFC 3711 SRTP support AES cipher algorithm usage support ARIA cipher algorithm usage (RFC 5479) support SEED cipher algorithm usage (RFC 5669) support Camellia cipher algorithm usage (draft-avt-kanno-srtp-camellia-01 )

Camellia-android - Android JNI wrapper for Camellia encryption library & AES eccryption library

camellia-androidEnglishcamellia-android is a Android JNI wrapper for an open source implementation of the Camellia encryption library. Currently, it only supports Ubuntu, but is based on the ctypes module, so should be easy to add support for Unix/Linux/Windows. AESLib is a Android Java wrapper for an open source implementation of the AES encryption library. Japanesecamellia-android�Camellia(共通�暗�方�)�Android JNIラッパー���開発�オープンソース���公

Cryptospecs - Collection of paper specifications and/or sources for cryptographic algorithms

What is cryptospecs?cryptospecs is a systematic collection providing information for algorithms (commonly?) used in cryptography: Classical (Adfgvx, Atbash, Bacon, Beaufort, Bifid,...) Symmetrical (3-Way, Achterbahn, Anubis, Blowfish, Camellia,...) Asymmetrical (ElGamal, LUC, Paillier, Rabin, RSA) Hash (Adler-32, CARP, CRC-8, CRC-16, CRC-16 reversed,...) Who will be most interested?Mainly programmers, as I am the one. All that information here should be sufficient for you to be able to implement

go-camellia - Camellia cipher in Go

Camellia cipher in Go

Crypt-Camellia - Release history of Crypt-Camellia

Release history of Crypt-Camellia

Crypt-Camellia_PP - Release history of Crypt-Camellia_PP

Release history of Crypt-Camellia_PP

perl-Crypt-Camellia - Crypt::Camellia - Crypt::CBC-compliant block cipher

Crypt::Camellia - Crypt::CBC-compliant block cipher


The Camellia computer vision library and Ruby bindings, with patches and documentation for Ubuntu 10.04 and Ruby 1.8.7