CAMEL - A Framework for Audio Analysis

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CAMEL (Content-based Audio and Music Extraction Library) is an easy-to-use C++ framework developed for content-based audio and music analysis. The framework provides a set of tools for easy Segmentation, Feature Extraction, Domain Extraction, etc.



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Apache Camel - Open source integration framework based on known Enterprise Integration Patterns.

Apache Camel is a powerful open source integration framework based on known Enterprise Integration Patterns. Rules for Camel's routing and mediation engine can be defined in either a Java based DSL, XML or using DSLs for dynamic languages such as Groovy or Scala.

Camel-extra - Additional components for the Apache Camel integration framework

This project contains a number of extension components for the Apache Camel integration framework which due to GPL/LGPL licensing cannot be hosted at Apache. Supported ComponentsEsper for working with the Esper Event Stream Processing library Hibernate for working with the Hibernate object relational mapping library An eXist database component for marshalling XML into the exist db and querying it. camel-jboss for running Camel inside JBoss Application Server. ExamplesEsperDemo for an example of

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.net b/s架构的应用开�框架 Helper,Utility:��类 Handler,Creator:���类 除下列外,所有命�采用Pascal命�法 函数�数,临时�数:Camel �有字段:�缀下划线+Camel 支��览器:IE8,FireFox3.5

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Highway enables developers to easily work with Apache Camel Integration Framework. It is still under early development

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