Calypso : anonymous P2P

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Calypso is a file sharing client using the anonymous network MUTE. Developped using C++ and Qt. For windows and linux, portable to other environments.



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Calypsox - Calypso X Code Base

This is not the Calypso System Code base. This is a project for developers to share CalypsoX developments which may be based on or around the Calypso Technologies Frameworks which is a licensed product, and not sold, licensed or supplied by this site. This site or its code does not entitle or infringe on Calypso Technologies Copyright or Licensing. The code developed and posted to this site must not infringe client or third party rights either. It is assumed that code posted here is owned by the


Calypso is a MUD codebase written in C. Project discontinued.

Pssi - Python Simple Smartcard Interpreter

Python script that provides an abstract layer for smartcard reading. Thanks to it, it is possible to read a smartcard by simply adding its structure in the form of a plugin, without taking care of the communication layer. The tool comes with several plugins, namely SIM, EMV, Navigo and Belgian eID.

Hyperion-s76 - RS2 Hyperion Project

RS2 Hyperion Project for learning purposes and public use. Thread About Hyperion: the open-source Java gameserver suiteAboutHyperion is a Java gameserver suite server which aims to provide an excellent, stable, quality base with advanced features such as update server (to stream the cache to the client) and login server (for multi-world support with cross world messaging).The server has been developed completely from scratch, even the ISAAC cipher code is scratch (as the one used by most is copy

Calypso-easy - An easy client appointment management system.

Authorized clients can make appointments by selecting a desired date and time for the appointment(s). Clients can view and edit appointments, as well as view their payment and insurance coverage information for each appointment. Site administrators control client access to the site, and can update client payment and coverage information so that clients can keep up-to-date with how much they owe. Administrators can utilize the application to create appointments for clients who call the business f

Gedit-django-template-language - Support for Django Template language in Gtk Sourceview - dtl.lang

AboutAbout the Django template language (DTL) The syntax file can also be used for highlight DOJOx Template language for javascript, Jinja for python, Calypso and SithTemplate for PHP5 Installput the dtl.lang file in the gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/ folder

calypso - fork from official calypso repo at git://

fork from official calypso repo at git://