Calx - the RPN-based calculator

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Calx is a calculator program based on RPN (Reverse-Polish Notation) that allows you to compute complex mathematical expressions containing brackets, mathematical functions etc.



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Calx-rpn - Calx-RPN, yet another RPN Calculator

Calx-RPNCalx-RPN is a RPN Calculator focused in usability. Eu tinha uma calculadora RPN em hardware, mas um dia me roubaram, e tive a idéia de desenvolver uma calculadora do tipo RPN mas focada na usabilidade. Desta vontade surgiu a idéia de desenvolver a Calx-RPN. Veja o Help para mais informações.

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calx - not under active development - idiomatic opencl bindings for clojure

not under active development - idiomatic opencl bindings for clojure

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